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PBIS Rewards + Behavior Intervention

Learn how this milestone in our accelerated solution integration helps schools address safety and student wellness through a more seamless and holistic approach

In late 2022, PBIS Rewards joined Navigate360, the nation’s premier provider of holistic solutions for school safety and student wellness. Since then, we have taken quick steps to make connections within our products to make our systems easier, seamless and more informative. We are excited to share our latest release and the completion of phase one integration between PBIS Rewards Advanced Referral System (ARS) and Navigate360’s Behavior Intervention & Restorative Practices offering.

By simplifying the user experience within the PBIS Rewards ARS feature, users can assign recommended grade-appropriate Behavior Intervention lessons to specifically address the problem behavior being documented in the referral. This expedites the school’s ability to turn discipline into a learning opportunity. It also promotes the natural synergy between PBIS and SEL practices, providing additional opportunities to address student needs.

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“In a time where teachers and school staff are carrying a heavy task to address learning loss, they are also tasked with simultaneously managing disruptive and concerning behavior that has accelerated post-pandemic. According to EAB, nearly 60% of teachers reported that pressure to boost learning loss and academic outcomes left them with insufficient time to address increased behavioral issues within their classrooms. If we continue to let these issues go unresolved, we will continue to prevent our schools and teachers from getting to the business of learning. We must do better – for our educators and for our students.”

— JP Guilbault, Chief Executive Officer at Navigate360

Making Systems Easier, Seamless and More Informative

For many schools and districts, behavioral management systems are fragmented and dependent on manual processes, rendering them less effective. Teachers and behavioral intervention teams struggle to provide efficient, practical interventions, which can produce limited results and dissatisfaction among staff. This release makes it easier for school staff to identify and assign age-appropriate lessons associated with minor and major behavior infractions. These lessons work in tandem with their PBIS, MTSS, and Restorative Practices programs. By addressing low-level concerning behavior early with ARS and Behavioral Intervention lessons, we are helping schools reduce repeat infractions – by up to 58% in some cases – increasing both teaching and learning time.

How it Works

When using the Advanced Referral System (ARS) feature within PBIS Rewards, Behavior Intervention lessons display as a possible administrative action or response on the major referral form within ARS. The lessons are based on the student’s grade level and the problem behavior(s) associated with the referral.

Additional updates in this release include:

  • Users can select the “Random” button on the Groups page multiple times without having to close the window and reopen it.
  • Minor referrals have a “Back To Group” button and major referrals will automatically send you back to your group after submission of the form.
  • Student App updates that include the ability to favorite store items, visibility of all point comments, in-app indicators to show the addition of new data, and a patch to Google SSO.


Fostering Improved K-12 School Safety and Student Wellness

Every student deserves to experience the school day without fear, but creating a safe and supportive learning environment involves many facets. Through complementary and integrated solutions that work better together, we help educators to holistically address school climate and culture, full-cycle emergency management, early detection, assessment and violence prevention—issues that all desperately require action.

Learn more about all of our solutions by downloading The Ultimate Guide to Whole-Child Safety, Wellness & Success in K-12 Schools, or by reading below.

Zero incidents is what we strive for – doing anything less is simply not an option.

School Culture & Climate Solutions

PBIS Rewards: A digital schoolwide PBIS management system that simplifies the implementation and tracking of a Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) framework within a school. With PBIS Rewards, school administration can clearly see how teachers are utilizing PBIS and how PBIS is improving school culture.

Behavioral Intervention & Restorative Practices: Turn discipline into a learning opportunity by providing students with lessons based on their infraction, providing a better alternative to detention and suspension and improving decision-making moving forward. With the most comprehensive, continuously-updated library of lessons, students have access to individualized lessons based on their behavior, cognitive level and ability.

Suite360 for Students: Help your students reach their full potential and thrive with the most comprehensive, evidence-based social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum available. Suite360 for Students includes scaffolded lessons for grades K-12, engaging content that students understand and diverse topics that help to produce well-rounded students.

Suite360 for Staff: Support your staff by educating and equipping them with on-demand digital courses to provide for students’ and staff members’ social-emotional and mental health needs. Empower teachers and school staff to address complex issues students face today and increase the inclusivity and consistency of your SEL program by ensuring your staff is properly prepared.

Suite360 for Families: Fully welcome caregivers into their children’s social-emotional education with these web-based and mobile lessons that equip them to have smart conversations with their children about today’s toughest challenges. Lessons are aligned with what children are learning to prepare families to effectively support their child’s development.

Suite360 Professional Development: New professional development packages provide learning opportunities to improve SEL understanding, build a schoolwide SEL culture and improve fidelity of SEL program implementation. With this curriculum, your school will be equipped to increase program buy-in by engaging educators & ensuring they feel supported, strengthen SEL understanding by building educators’ background knowledge in SEL and improve program fidelity by partnering with schools to help them with successful implementation.

Suite360 Character Education: A blended-learning program designed to create safe, healthy, and informed students. In alignment with the U.S. Department of Education, character education is designed to enable students and adults in the school community to understand, care about, and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue/citizenship, and responsibility for self and others.

Mental Health & Prevention: Navigate360 provides mental health awareness tools to address tough mental health and safety-related topics. With professionally developed resources for students, staff and families, everyone can care for their own mental health and respond appropriately when they or someone they care about is in need.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention: Our curriculum is the only suicide awareness & prevention program that includes education, detection, and evidence-based screening and case management. Developed in partnership with leading expert Dr. Scott Poland, this expert-authored curriculum allows you to proactively address the issue of suicide in your schools, helping educators build awareness and reduce student self-harm. What you know can save a life.

Threat Assessment & Prevention Solutions

Behavioral Threat Assessment Training: Creating a safe learning environment for students and staff starts with being able to identify the warning signs that indicate troubling behavior. Developed in partnership with leading threat assessment experts, Navigate360 behavioral threat assessment (BTA) training consists of evidence-based threat assessment processes developed in exclusive partnership with leading experts. This training is designed to help districts consistently identify, screen and assess threats and negative behavior among students.

Behavioral Threat & Suicide Case Management: This single solution will provide your school’s mental health professionals and BTA team members with evidence-based case management software that allows for a continuum of care documentation and analytics reporting to proactively improve outcomes for students of concern.

Detect: Detect is the most comprehensive, all-encompassing digital safety solution available. This software helps identify and address a student’s intent to harm themselves or others by scanning digital content in real time and notifying school administrators of harmful language found in school-owned email and public social media. It also utilizes a web indexing database of 3 billion URLs to protect students from potentially harmful content.

P3 Anonymous Tip Reporting: P3 serves as a forum for collaboration and accountability between school administrators, peace officers and mental health professionals to ensure every student’s needs are met. Our technology also powers well-known national and state-level tip lines such as Sandy Hook Promise’s Say Something program and Safe2Tell Colorado. As the leading anonymous reporting tool, our software empowers students, teachers and individuals to proactively share information about safety, bullying, self-harm and violence.

Safety Management & Preparedness Solutions

ALICE Training®: The ALICE program is a proactive, options-based active shooter response training program that empowers students and staff to survive in the face of violence. This trauma-informed, age- and ability-appropriate training provides your schools with both eLearning and in-person instruction options and teaches proven techniques for safety drills and emergency response.

Safety & Security Suite: Operating as a single visitor, volunteer, panic button and emergency management solution set, our Safety & Security Suite integrates Emergency Management and Visitor & Volunteer Management to ensure real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability and improve communication pathways. The suite provides a variety of features, including silent panic alarms, robust safety checks, guidance to ensure Department of Education (DOE) compliance and comprehensive site mapping.

Risk Assessment: As the only Expert Service Consultants internationally recognized by A.M. Best’s Client Recommended Expert Service Providers for Risk Assessments, Navigate360’s team of board-certified Physical Security Professionals (PSPs) are exceptionally qualified to perform your risk assessment, which can give you peace of mind to stay focused on your school’s critical safety and security missions.

Visitor & Volunteer Management: The Navigate360 Visitor & Volunteer Management System increases security and reduces front-office workload with a frictionless, flexible and fully integrated platform. Keep students and staff safe by securely and discreetly vetting each visitor with a hardware-light system that provides total oversight of every person on campus.

Navigate360 Offers Holistic Solutions that Support Students, Schools & Communities


We know it takes more than a single solution to take care of the whole child and the schools and community that surround them, which is why we believe in solutions that work better together. From prevention all the way through response and recovery, we can provide end-to-end solutions that keep your students, teachers and staff safe.

Building a comprehensive school safety and student wellness plan can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Speak with one of our safety specialists today.

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