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Keep Your Employees Safe, Focused & Thriving

Effective workplace safety requires a strong foundation. Your safety and security initiatives must include professional assessment of existing risks, proven and engaging employee training and streamlined emergency planning protocols to ensure business continuity. More than 4,400 businesses prepare their workforce with Navigate360’s modern safety solutions. These include:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Grocery & Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Distribution Centers
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Safety Management & Preparedness for the Workplace

Overview and Benefits

Holistic Workplace Safety & Preparedness

Keeping your employees safe is the first step toward creating a positive, productive work environment. Nowadays, leaders must go above and beyond to make sure their employees feel safe physically, socially and emotionally. This includes improving communications on ever-evolving safety and wellness initiatives, as well as implementing new physical security measures and doubling down on mental health and wellness. The good news is that you have options. Navigate360’s comprehensive suite of workplace safety solutions can help your organization take the necessary steps to build a holistic culture of safety.

Holistic Workplace Safety & Preparedness

Empower & Prepare Your Employees to Respond to — and Survive — Critical Incidents

ALICE Active Threat Response Training

A solution of Navigate360, ALICE Training® is the original civilian active shooter response training program that empowers your employees to participate in their own survival in the face of violence.

  • Leverage our 20 years of experience to keep your employees protected
  • Curriculum designed by safety experts that is built to empower, prepare and protect every individual in your organization — no matter where they are
  • Access to an evolving ecosystem of courses that take an age- and ability-appropriate, trauma-informed approach to safety training

Start Online

The ALICE eLearning course is interactive and on-demand to fit into any busy employee’s schedule and provides a certificate upon successful completion to ensure comprehension. The course focuses on the foundational areas of situational awareness, which include Alert and Inform, Evacuate, enhanced Lockdown, and Counter.

  • Save lives with age- and ability-appropriate active shooter response training using a trauma-informed approach
  • Mitigate risk with documentation that ensures everyone in your organization is prepared and empowered with research-supported training
  • Build confidence in your employees with training they can use anywhere and at any time they become unwilling participants in an act of violence
  • Continued support and knowledge checks to reinforce learning
National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) Team Training

Continue In Person

The hands-on training portion of ALICE Training® is imperative for quick and fluid recall of proactive response strategies in an emergency. Whether you choose to have an internal ALICE Certified Instructor (ACI) in your organization or leverage your local ACI first responder, it is critical that your employees participate in this interactive training to increase their ability to remember key survival strategies when they need them most.

  • A blended approach that combines eLearning with instructor-led training to provide maximum retention and effectiveness
  • Trained safety experts steeped in the program provide the information you need when you need it most
  • Understanding and practicing the response options ensures your employees know what to do no matter where they are in the building
  • Twenty years of lessons learned put to work for your organization to increase the chances of survival during active threat incidents

Navigate360 - Product Overview

ALICE Active Threat Response Training

Protecting your organization and your employees against violence and bad actors is not easy. We can help.

“One of the best things about the training is you feel empowered in these types of situations, you feel that you can pass that along to your children, to your employees, to your friends, to anybody you might care about.”

Shannon Joherl, VP of Human Resources at Marc Glassman, Inc.

Create a Safer & More Productive Environment 

Workplace Safety & Wellness Suite

In addition to active shooter situations, your employees are faced with other violent incidents more frequently than ever before. Provide them with an evolving and flexible set of courses to learn how to respond during high-stress incidents, preparing them for all forms of emergencies.

  • De-escalation: How to Diffuse Aggression
  • Situational Awareness
  • Extreme Survival Stress
  • How to Properly Call 911
Support a balanced culture by going beyond physical safety to support your employees’ mental health and wellness needs.

  • Opioid & Addiction Awareness
  • Understanding Microaggressions
  • Introduction to Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Recovery: Trauma Response
  • Understanding Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Navigate360 - Product Overview

Workplace Safety & Prevention Suite

The smartest and most responsible way to keep individuals in your organization prepared and safe.

Gain the Insights Needed to Mitigate Risks & Protect Your Employees

Risk Assessments

Analyzing and evaluating gaps in your organization’s safety and security gives you an eyes-wide-open view of your ability to anticipate and prepare for threats.

  • Protect What You Have Built
    • Our on-site assessors give you a complete analysis from the inside out, including interviews with your personnel to determine the human element of risk.
  • Comprehensive & Prioritized Reports
    • Our assessors provide you with a comprehensive report outlining every aspect of security assessed, as well as a list of prioritized updates aligned with budgets and compliance requirements.
  • Board-Certified Experts
    • All assessors are ASIS PSP-certified, and Navigate360 is only 1 of 7 security companies recognized by A.M. Best’s Recommended Expert Service Provider list.
Robust Reporting

Navigate360 - Product Overview

Risk Assessments

The most comprehensive way to identify areas of risk and reduce organizational downtime


Your Expert Guide for Workplace Safety & Preparedness

Learn how to build a holistic culture of physical, social and emotional safety to ensure present uncertainties don’t limit your organization’s ability to thrive.

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Navigate360 Ebook
Risk Assessments: Your Guide to Maintaining a Safe & Productive Workplace
Risk Assessments: Your Guide to Maintaining a Safe & Productive Workplace
Learn how to mitigate critical security threats, reinforce safety values, protect your people and safeguard your brand.

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Violence Can Happen Anywhere, at Any Time
Violence Can Happen Anywhere, at Any Time
Empower your employees with proactive, options-based training designed to help them survive in the face of violence.

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Creating a Holistic Culture of Safety
Creating a Holistic Culture of Safety
Learn how to bridge the gap between physical security and the social and emotional needs of your employees.

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