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Ensure a Safe and Welcoming Environment for Your Healthcare Workers and Patients

Your healthcare staff members need to feel safe in order to provide patients with the highest quality of care.
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Maintaining and Protecting Your Quality of Care

As a leader in the healthcare field, you are tasked with providing your administrators, nurses and doctors with safe environments to guarantee patients receive the highest quality of care. With societal stressors at an alltime high, how do you ensure the physical, social and emotional safety of your employees while managing the complexities of your daily operations?

Your Solution for Safer Daily Healthcare Operations

Effective safety for healthcare facilities requires a strong foundation. Your security programs need professional assessment of existing risk, as well as engaging safety training and streamlined emergency planning tools. These solutions should:

  • drastically reduce disruption to daily operations following an emergency;
  • help you understand and plan for existing risk;
  • prepare staff to respond to incidents of workplace violence; and
  • ensure patients receive the quality care they deserve

Navigate360 is proud to partner with:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Service Centers
  • Community and Public Healthcare Clinics

“The best and most practical training to the unarmed citizen to give the best chance of survival in case of a violent intruder attack! I am honored to be counted as one of the Certified Instructors to share this knowledge with our citizens in schools and hospitals, where many are vulnerable to such an attack.”

Rick Anderson

Training Attendee

See How a Professional Risk Assessment Builds the Foundation for Your Healthcare Facility’s Safety

Joe Hendry, Director of Risk Assessments at Navigate360 and ASIS Certified Physical Security Professional, developed this new eBook highlighting 3 hidden benefits of comprehensive risk assessment. Get your free copy today.

Smart Safety Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

We provide solutions for smarter violence prevention, comprehsnsive risk assessment, foundational safety training for your staff and streamlined emergency planning and processes for your healthcare operations.

Managing Wellbeing to Ensure Safety in Today’s Turbulent Times

Navigate360 CEO JP Guilbault talks to EHS Today about how COVID-19 and other social issues are forcing us to reconsider our current views on safety. See what you can do to improve mental and emotional safety for your organization.

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“After several years of significant growth and some security-related near misses, we realized that our physical and electronic security systems were not as robust as they should be to ensure the safest workplace possible for our employees. Joe Hendry came on-site for 3 days, performing a very comprehensive risk assessment. Using the final report, learnings and recommendations, the security improvements we have implemented have been a big part of transforming our overall security culture.”

Craig Martin

Director of EHS, Sustainability and Security, Glanbia Performance Nutrition