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Suite360 Resilience Education Program

Empowering Florida Students to Develop Character & Resiliency

A comprehensive solution for Florida that helps build character and resiliency with engaging, age-appropriate lessons and resources.

  • Helps develop healthy, more resilient students
  • Meets all Florida mandates
  • Flexible curriculum that exceeds annual time requirements
  • Hundreds of scaffolded lessons to meet student needs
Suite360 Resilience Education Program

Get to Know Suite360’s Resilience Education Program


Florida is rethinking the way schools support student success. In 2023, the Florida Board of Education finalized “Resiliency Education Standards” that incorporate core resiliency components: Character, Personal Responsibility, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Mentorship and Citizenship.

Navigate360’s Resiliency Education lesson library is aligned to the new standards set by the Florida Department of Education to assist teachers in the development of healthy, more resilient students. With comprehensive lessons and resources, Resiliency Education empowers Florida’s students as they develop skills to help them grow into successful, capable adults who can adapt to a variety of situations.

Resilience in Education: Group of Students

About Resiliency Education (Grades 6-12)

  • A comprehensive resilience education program with more than 100 lessons that align with all resiliency education standards.
  • Exceeds the 5-hour annual instructional time requirement mandated by Florida.
  • Offers flexibility for educators and allows them to choose lessons based on student needs.
  • Equipped with Teacher Companion Guides that make lesson planning easy.
  • Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes.

Topics include:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Responsibility
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Accountability
  • Contributing to the Community
  • Mentorship and Volunteerism
  • Respect
  • Coping Skills
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Citizenship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Honesty

Additional Programs

Additional Florida Programs

In addition to the Resilience Education Program, Navigate360 offers Character Education and Prevention Education for Florida students to help prepare students for later grades and to meet additional Florida requirements.

About Character Education (K-5):

  • Features 100 lessons aligned with Florida Resiliency standards, preparing students for advanced concepts in later grades (6-12).
  • Provides complete instructional materials, eliminating the need for prep time.
  • Family Resources in five languages, fostering inclusivity and engagement.
  • Designed for flexible implementation.

About Prevention Education (K-12):

The state of Florida mandates annual instruction around prevention topics such as Substance Abuse Prevention (K-12), Child Trafficking (K-12), Dating Violence Prevention (7-12), and Online Safety (K-12).

  • Includes Florida-specific resources to access help.
  • Instruction advances each year with developmentally appropriate content and skill building.
  • Topics Include:
    • Vaping/Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Prescription Drugs
    • Signs of Human Trafficking
    • Strategies to reduce the risk of Human Trafficking
    • How to set healthy personal boundaries
    • How to evaluate the health of a relationship
    • And more!
Florida Resilience in Education

Comprehensive K-12 Solutions for Florida

Florida Resilience Education Programs


Character Education, Resiliency Education, and Prevention Education lessons that meet Florida requirements.

This video shows samples of Resiliency, Character, and Prevention Education lessons.

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Florida Curriculum Guide

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