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Keep Your Employees Safe, Focused and Thriving

Your employees need to feel safe to do meaningful work, maintain momentum for your growing organization and protect your brand.
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Safety Protects Your Bottom Line

As a business leader, you need to keep employees focused and satisfied with their work on a daily basis. Focus and productivity cannot happen without a sense of security. If employees feel as though you do not value their safety, performance will slip and vulnerabilities will be exposed. What can you do to assess your risk and build a culture of safety for your organization?

Discover Smart Safety Solutions for Your Workplace

Effective workplace safety requires a strong foundation. Your security programs need professional assessment of existing risk, engaging and proven safety training, as well as streamlined emergency planning tools to ensure business continuity.

More than 4,400+ businesses prepare with our solutions and we proudly partner with a variety of organizations, such as:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
  • Distribution Centers

“We chose to deploy ALICE Training® to our employees globally because their program is well organized, easily understood by the audience, and comprehensive in its principles of response to an active shooter situation. We want our people to be safe and able to react appropriately to any crisis, especially one of this type. We picked the best program available to ensure their safety and survival.”

Rick Kelly

Director of Global Security, Ingersoll Rand

2021 Workplace Safety Guide Cover

Your Complete Guide for Workplace Safety & Preparedness in 2021

Present uncertainties should not limit your organization’s ability to thrive. This 2021 Complete Guide to Workplace Safety & Preparedness will help you build a culture of safety, ensuring your people are focused and confident in what they show up to do each day.

Workplace Safety Solutions – From Prevention to Recovery

Your solution for smarter violence prevention, comprehensive risk assessment, foundational employee safety training and streamlined emergency planning and processes.

A Large Percentage of Adults Feel Leadership is Not Equipped to Handle Existing Threats, Recent Poll Suggests

In a recent poll conducted by Navigate360 and John Zogby Strategies, surveyors found that many adults in the U.S. are not confident in their leadership to repond sufficiently to potential or known threats. See more of our expert insights on this poll.

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“After several years of significant growth and some security-related near misses, we realized that our physical and electronic security systems were not as robust as they should be to ensure the safest workplace possible for our employees. Joe Hendry came on-site for 3 days, performing a very comprehensive risk assessment. Using the final report, learnings and recommendations, the security improvements we have implemented have been a big part of transforming our overall security culture.”

Craig Martin

Director of EHS, Sustainability and Security, Glanbia Performance Nutrition