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P3 Community: Anonymous Tip Reporting

The most trusted anonymous tip reporting and management software for community harm prevention.
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An essential tool for public safety agencies to solve crimes, improve harm prevention and manage intelligence.

Proactively address critical issues to prevent tragedy


Empower your community with an efficient and trusted anonymous tip reporting platform

Easily manage tips via phone, web and mobile app

Provide your community with a trusted anonymous tip reporting platform and take a proactive approach to crime and harm prevention.

Did You Know?


of targeted violent incidents were predicted by behavioral warning signs

Crime Stoppers programs use P3 technology to enhance crime prevention

Give your community the opportunity to share what they know with Navigate360’s P3 anonymous tip acquisition and management.

When individuals in your community are given an anonymous tool to report concerns of violence or criminal activity, their confidence in your ability to maintain a culture of safety increases.

The Leading Solution for Crime Stoppers Programs Around the World

  • Tip management is the single most important element for a Crime Stoppers program, and it is imperative for the product to be feature rich, stable, and well supported.
  • P3 Community is the chosen tip management solution for nearly 400 Crime Stoppers programs around the world.
  • P3 Community is guaranteed to be the very best product of its type globally and our support has always been second to none.

A Turnkey Solution to Support Local Law Enforcement

  • P3 Community is a critical solution enabling Law Enforcement Agencies to take and manage their own tips in-house when the agency does not have the option of utilizing a local Crime Stoppers program.
  • Tips may be seamlessly assigned to various personnel/units for investigation and disposition. Includes fully integrated modules for entering and managing all your Wanted Fugitives with unlimited outbound alerts to the public.
  • These items can be embedded in the agency’s own website via our integrated widget, in the agency’s P3 mobile application.

Valuable Intelligence for Government Agencies, Fusion Centers and Military Defense

  • P3 Community is the perfect solution for the global tip management needs of all state and federal agencies.
  • P3 Community is helping to protect our men and women in uniform by solving and preventing crime throughout the world.
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The leading tip acquisition and tip management solution for public safety agencies across the nation

  • Easily manage tips received via phone, web, and mobile app.
  • Enjoy full two-way dialog with tipsters. Real-time chat and anonymous push notifications to tipsters.
  • Immediate exchange & sharing of tips without the traditional push/pull E-transfer routines.
  • Content alerts based on keyword watch-lists along with notices on pre-existing names and addresses.
  • New enhanced communications between the programs, call centers and recipients at the tip level.
  • All updates to a tip are done to the original tip regardless of the source of additional information.
  • All recipients can access, view, and update the status and disposition of tips online.
  • Enhanced logging of all transactions at the tip level.
  • Comprehensive dashboard view and extensive reporting and graphing capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with Raids Online/LexisNexis crime map for receiving tip submissions on mapped crimes.
  • Manage Wanted Fugitives for web and mobile display.
  • Multi-language capable for global use.

Allow Your Community to Safely Share Their Concerns

Discover how you can improve crime and harm prevention with valuable intelligence from your community.

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