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Fully Integrated Visitor, Volunteer and Emergency Management Suite

The cloud-based solution ensures real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability, improving communication pathways between first responders, school staff, students and families, including reunification during a crisis. ​

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Richfield, OH, July 20, 2022Schools nationwide are working quickly to enhance safety and security plans to satisfy updated state mandates and give their students and staff the confidence they need to be successful. Navigate360 is proud to aid in their efforts with a new, fully integrated Safety & Security Suite that seamlessly provides the tools and technology schools need to ensure proper plans and processes are in place to prevent a critical incident and respond to a crisis if necessary.

Navigate360’s Safety & Security Suite integrates state-of-the-art Visitor, Volunteer and Emergency Management systems with Alyssa’s Law-compliant panic buttons, enabling schools to directly – and silently – alert first responders when faced with an emergency incident. The cloud-based solution enables 360-degree visibility of both the site and the location of students, staff, visitors and volunteers, which is critical when every second counts for first responders and school security teams.

“School safety is a complex, multifaceted issue, and it’s clear that point solutions aren’t enough on their own,” said Navigate360 CEO JP Guilbault. “We’re delivering on our ‘better together’ commitment by providing a modern, connected platform that eliminates schools’ functional and data silos by integrating visitor, volunteer and emergency management into a single platform with Alyssa’s Law-compliant panic buttons. This is the new standard for modern school safety.”  

As the only holistic school safety partner, Navigate360’s new Safety & Security Suite ensures real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability, improving communication pathways between first responders, school staff, students and families, including reunification during a crisis. 

“Whole-child safety takes the whole community,” continued Guilbault. “Schools, communities, law enforcement agencies and solution providers must work better together to ensure every student feels safe – physically, socially and emotionally – within their school environment.”     

Navigate360’s new Safety & Security Suite provides schools with myriad features and benefits across stakeholders, including enhanced communication, robust safety checks, guidance to ensure Department of Education (DOE) compliance and comprehensive site mapping. Operating as a single visitor, volunteer, panic button and emergency management solution set, schools can expect additional outcomes, including:   

Integration & Communication 

  • Connected systems, including SIS integration, to improve information verification processes 
  • Access to Alyssa’s Law-compliant silent panic alerts across wearables, smartwatches, smartphones and wall-mounted devices to enable instant connection with first responders 
  • Communication platforms to facilitate the flow of vital information between law enforcement, school staff and families to improve efficiency of school security processes, including expedited student and family reunification during a crisis 


  • Real-time sex offender checks of visitors and sex offender and criminal background screening of volunteers 
  • Parent custody review 
  • Student attendance tracking for tardiness and early releases  
  • System dashboard that ensures the front office can maintain oversight of visitors and students on campus 
  • Reunification of students with parents and approved guardians during high-stress emergencies, following Standard Reunification Method (SRM) protocols 


  • Prepopulated drills aligned to district and state requirements 
  • Approved EOP templates with wizard guidance that ensures accurate information entry by school personnel to comply with DOE requirements 


  • 360-degree campus views through site mapping and drawing so first responders can better assess crisis situations and establish appropriate entry and exit points to maintain physical safety 

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 About Navigate360 

Navigate360 is the most widely chosen safety partner in the United States, protecting more than 50,000 districts, schools, law enforcement agencies, businesses and houses of worship nationwide. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped communities mitigate and reduce acts of violence with solutions backed by research and developed by industry experts.   

Through our complementary and integrated suite of safety and wellness solutions, we enable organizations to enhance their safety plans with threat detection and prevention, mental health and wellness, safety management and preparedness, and active shooter response training. The success of every Navigate360 partner is ensured with world-class, U.S.-based safety consultants who help customize, implement and support our solutions. 

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