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Suite360 Character Education

Character Education Curriculum for Your Students

A comprehensive and robust solution for character development, designed to equip children with the skills and knowledge necessary to be great students, citizens, and lifelong learners.

  • Age-appropriate, scaffolded lessons
  • Interactive & engaging content
  • Focused on the critical skills students need, including problem solving, goal setting, empathy, respect, teamwork, honesty, and more
  • Family resources & teacher companion guides
Suite360 Character Education

Get to Know Suite360’s Character Education Curriculum

What Is Character Education?

Character education is the process by which students learn to be productive members of society through the teaching of core values such as character, responsibility, success skills, trustworthiness, respect, and citizenship.

Based on decades of research on effective schools, developed a framework of 11 principles to guide the cultivation and implementation of character development within schools.

Character Education Curriculum
The 11 Principles of Character Education

The 11 principles are as follows:



A set of core values is identified and embedded into the culture of the family, school, sports team or organization.


Character involves understanding, caring about and practicing your culture’s core values.


Your character development approach is proactive and comprehensive.


Caring attachments and relationships foster a sense of belonging and connection.


There are ample opportunities for everyone to live their core values, especially with opportunities to serve others.


Your culture of character strives to develop everyone’s “best self,” including the four areas of character (moral, civic, performance and intellectual).


A culture of character emphasizes intrinsic motivation rather than recognition or material rewards.


Everyone shares the responsibility to model, practice and uphold the core values.


All stakeholders are encouraged to take a leadership role and suggest ways to embed and practice the core values.


Your character initiative engages a range of partners (family members, parents, community members, etc.).


Core values are reaffirmed or revised each year to ensure that your character initiative is always improving and growing.

Navigate360 Can Help You Integrate Character Education

For 20 years, Navigate360 has been the most widely chosen holistic safety and wellness partner in the United States. Our character education curriculum was developed to equip students with comprehensive resources that impart valuable lessons in character education to empower them to successfully achieve life goals, both now and in the future.

We owe it to our nation’s youth to prepare them for a bright tomorrow so they can reach their full potential and thrive. We know that whole-child well-being takes a whole community, and we would be proud to be a part of yours. We can help your school comply with standards for character education and more.

Navigate360's Character Education Curriculum

The Benefits of Navigate360’s Suite360 Character Education Curriculum

Navigate360’s Suite360 Character Education is a digital character education program designed to help develop character and improve student behavior.

Developed with competencies such as citizenship, respect, responsibility, success skills and trustworthiness in mind, the content library includes hundreds of lessons focused on the critical skills students need, including problem solving, goal setting, empathy, respect, teamwork, honesty and more.

Suite360's Character Education


Age-appropriate, scaffolded lessons for grades K–12 designed to meet the needs of students

Aligned to state character education standards in Florida and Texas (others upon request)

Robust content library featuring hundreds of lessons; relevant topics to engage students and meet them where they are at
Family resources in English and Spanish

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