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Visitor & Volunteer Management

Keep Your Front-Office Staff in Control and Efficient

Welcome your community while increasing security for persons of concern and reduce front-office workload with our school Visitor Management System.

  • Increase security
  • Reduce front-office workload
  • Hardware-light with flexibility
  • Easy implementation
  • Real-time sex offender checks
  • Discrete notification to staff when a person has been flagged for concern
School Visitor Management System


Navigate360 Is the Only Company to Provide Integrated, Industry-Leading Solutions Focused on Whole-Child Safety, Wellness & Success

Schools can establish a welcoming environment for visitors and volunteers with streamlined, hardware-light, integrated solutions that allow front-office processes to be expedited. As the only company in the market with solutions to address whole-child safety, wellness and school climate, we’re committed to delivering a “better together” approach in partnership with schools to improve safety and security procedures while eliminating siloed systems and manual processes.

New Standard Safety Requirements
Navigate360 Visitor & Volunteer

No proprietary hardware required to scan visitors: Schools can go hardware-light, hardware-free or use compatible hardware they already have.


Vet volunteers with sex offender and criminal background screenings with subscription service.


Robust integration with your Student Information System (SIS) for easy access to the information you need, including student emergency contacts.


Quickly and discreetly reach security personnel via text or email for any flagged visitor.


Initiate silent alert to first responders.


Improve communication and reduce caregiver phone calls via electronic access to student tardy and early dismissal information.


Submit volunteer applications online and receive status approval and denial updates.


School calendar of events permits notification to volunteers for easy sign up.


Know how many hours of service a volunteer has provided with on-demand reports.


Customizable training, dedicated implementation team and ongoing customer support.


Know who is on the campus with full visibility for schools and districts.


Seamlessly integrates with Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite (EMS) for a comprehensive safety & security solution.


Download the Full Safety & Security Assessment Checklist

How it Works

Implementing Navigate360’s School Visitor Management System

Navigate360’s school Visitor Management System & Volunteer Management offer an easy check-in process for both the front office staff and visitors while maintaining a welcoming environment and increasing security. The platform is quick to implement and requires minimal on-boarding so your front office staff can be up and running swiftly and smoothly.

Ensure Safety & Visibility

Always Know Who Is on Your Campus

Create custom blocklists, custody instructions and restrictions with other types of visitation rules for those who pose a risk to staff or students.

School Visitor Management System

Screen Every Visitor & Volunteer

Every visitor is discretely vetted through national sex offender databases and your custom blocklist on each visit. Volunteers are cleared against sex offender and criminal databases, as well as the custom blocklist.

Stay on Top of Custody

Maintain and update custody instructions within the Visitor Management System.

Notify Security Discreetly

If a visitor is flagged, your security team is subtly notified via text or email without alarming the visitor.

Maintain Visibility

Constant, real-time visibility of the visitor dashboard so you always know who is in your buildings and why they are there.

Customize Badges

Control information on visitor badges with flexibility, including adding a picture to each visitor pass with a scan of a driver’s license or via webcam.

Increase Efficiency

Continue to Welcome the Community into Your School with Less Paperwork & More Efficiency

Visitor & Volunteer Management offers an easy check-in process for both the front office staff and visitors while maintaining a welcoming environment and increasing security.

School Visitor Management System

Easy Implementation

The Navigate360 Visitor & Volunteer Management platform is quick to implement and requires minimal on-boarding so your front office staff can be up and running swiftly and smoothly.

Seamless Integration

SIS integration with Clever, ClassLink, and PowerSchool ensures you always have the most updated information, including emergency contacts, at your fingertips.

Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based software accessible from any computer that allows school staff to access and run the system by simply logging in.

Customizable System

Visitor & Volunteer Management are completely flexible to your needs. Create custom blocklists, run only the reports you need, and have access to unlimited check-in stations.

Student Check-In & Early Release

Manage student tardiness and early release directly in the system to reduce paperwork and manual processes and writeback the information with PowerSchool SIS integration.

Mobile App Availability

Mobile app access is available for approved visitor, volunteer, and staff to check-in and check-out as needed.

Optimize Hardware

A Hardware-Light School Visitor Management System that’s Right for You

Navigate360’s Visitor & Volunteer Management offer light and flexible hardware options, allowing you to quickly implement an easy and efficient check-in/check-out process that is right for your school – and for your budget.

School Visitor Management System

Build Your Own Hardware Bundles

Select the hardware that best meets your needs with no specific hardware required to complete the check-in process. The system can be run in a browser from any computer. Schools can also choose to use webcams, license scanners and printers for badges to streamline the process even further.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Less hardware means fewer failure points and easy maintenance over time. We offer webcams, license scanners and label printers, but you may be able to integrate with the hardware you already have – none of the hardware is proprietary.

Multiple Check-In Stations – No Extra Cost

Being hardware-light also means you can have as many secure check-in points as you like at no additional subscription cost.

Leverage Your Existing Hardware

Navigate360 Volunteer & Visitor Management System may be compatible with your existing hardware and your school tablets for self-check-in stations. Contact a representative to learn if your specific hardware works with our system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about Navigate360 Volunteer Management & School Visitor Management System?

You have questions about Visitor & Volunteer Management, and we have answers! Use our frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need to help you determine if Visitor & Volunteer Management are right for your organization.

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Is the process complicated for getting visitors registered?
Register visitors in just a few clicks, including recording tardy students and printing passes while eliminating manual processes and hand-written passes to keep things moving.
Is the hardware expensive for Navigate360 Visitor & Volunteer Management?
The simple answer is no. With our cloud-based software, no proprietary hardware is required – it allows for easy, flexible, budget-friendly and efficient implementation and use.
What is the implementation process like for Navigate360 Visitor & Volunteer Management?
The Navigate360 Visitor & Volunteer Management platform is quick to implement and requires minimal onboarding so your front office staff can be up and running swiftly and smoothly.

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  • Visitor Management
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School Visitor Management System

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