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About Navigate360

Navigate360 empowers people, schools and communities to stay safe and thrive – physically, socially and emotionally.
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The Industry’s Best Modern Practices

Navigate360 is the leader in holistic safety and wellness solutions. Our revolutionary model spans the full spectrum of safety, including threat detection and prevention, mental health and wellness, and safety management and preparedness – backed by research and developed by industry experts. We provide the tools necessary to save and enhance lives.

What makes Navigate360 different?

Navigate360 provides you with the smartest way to stay safe. We offer a comprehensive and connected suite of wellness, prevention, preparedness and intervention.

Only Navigate360 offers an entire suite of holistic solutions that proactively address:


Assess vulnerabilities and mitigate threats.


Build confidence through planning and practice.


Put practice into action. Swift and smart.


Come together, heal and move forward.

Studying Contemporary Best Practices to Create Tomorrow’s Solutions

In early 2021, a strategic advisory board was launched to guide Navigate360’s efforts to better prepare communities for emergencies. This group of leading safety, education, and mental health experts offers counsel and direction on best practices, innovations and key initiatives — with a focus on better solutions and outcomes.

Our Leadership

November 2019 marked the appointment of Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault as Chief Executive Officer. Guilbault and his leadership team have begun to implement plans to accelerate growth, expand offerings and unify the brands of ALICE Training®, NaviGate Prepared and SafePlans to address a growing epidemic of violence and active shooters in our communities.

Who Chooses Navigate360?

Navigate360 solutions are used by more than 35,000 schools, 5,000 law enforcement agencies and 4,400 businesses nationwide to help organizations prepare and respond in ways proven to save lives and help communities thrive.

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