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The Most Comprehensive Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program for Schools

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for children starting at 10 years of age. What you know could save a life.
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This first-of-its-kind, comprehensive solution is called GPS: Guide to Preventing Suicide.

It was developed to help educators prevent suicide and self-harm incidents across the district with consistency, compassion and objectivity.

The Most Comprehensive Youth Suicide Prevention Program for Schools


Drive Successful Outcomes with Industry Experts & Nationally Recognized Models

Create Visibility, Consistency & Alignment Across the School District

“It’s important that all school personnel know what to look for, what to do, and [how to] work as a team to prevent a student suicide.”

Dr. Scott Poland

National Expert on Suicide Awareness & Prevention

What You Should Know About Youth Suicide

2nd Leading Cause of Death

for children starting at 10 years of age

Every 11 Minutes

someone dies by suicide

4 out of 5

teens who attempt suicide give clear warning signs

GPS: Guide to Preventing Suicide Key Features & Benefits

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Tools to Guide the Process

Easy-to-use, guided platform to drive objectivity, consistency and alignment to best practices

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Alignment with Proven Models

Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale fully integrated with immediate task assignment and next steps

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Expert-Authored Curriculum

Content authored by nationally recognized youth suicide prevention expert Dr. Scott Poland

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Evidence-Supported Screening Tools

Reduce bias and increase effectiveness with evidence-supported suicide risk screening tools

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In-Depth Screening & Assessment

Deeper screening and assessment for internal and external clinicians and mental health professionals using SAFE-T

Image of on-demand eLearning; globe in left corner, person in the middle, and word bubble to the top right
On-Demand eLearning

Prepare all staff to help students in crisis with consistency and flexibility

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Immediate Intervention Capabilities

Provide immediate intervention and ongoing support for students through screening and case management

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Full Visibility Across District

Visibility for district administrators into a consistent and standardized approach to suicide prevention

Image of pencil with gear in the center, surrounded by arrows, lightbulb, paper, and clock
Prepares Staff to Support Students

Ensure your entire staff knows what to do when they encounter signs of suicide

Dr. Scott Poland

National Suicide Awareness & Prevention Expert

Developed in Partnership with Leading Suicide Awareness & Prevention Expert

Navigate360 is proud to partner with Dr. Scott Poland, a national expert in suicide awareness & prevention. Dr. Poland lends his decades of experience to both our curriculum and software solutions, helping schools improve student outcomes with comprehensive suicide awareness & risk screening solutions.

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Prevent suicide and self-harm incidents across your district with consistency, compassion and objectivity.

The Most Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Program for Schools

  • A holistic suicide prevention program with a balanced approach between education, compassion and technology.
  • A robust suicide awareness and prevention curriculum designed to prepare every staff member on how to address and help a student in crisis.
  • Extended curriculum for administrators and school mental health professionals on how to build a successful suicide awareness and prevention program in your schools.

Drive successful outcomes with industry experts & nationally recognized suicide screening models

  • Reduce bias and ensure objectivity around each student identified with evidence-supported and validated suicide risk assessment tools.
  • Leverage the C-SSRS model to rate suicide risk severity, follow the guide for immediate next steps for intervention and then ensure ongoing student support through case management.
  • Utilize the SAFE-T model for clinical documentation in suicide risk cases, including inviting external clinicians to a case to provide intervention and support for students at risk.

Create visibility, consistency & alignment across the school district

  • Operationalize and scale your suicide prevention program with consistent education and tools.
  • The right combination of solutions allows schools to take a consistent, proactive approach in supporting the wellbeing of students.
  • Flexible and customizable options allowing schools to build their suicide prevention solution to meet their individual needs.

Guide to Preventing Suicide Solution Options

Select the program most suitable for your district. 

“Do not be afraid of this word: Suicide. Do not be afraid to bring it up and talk about it. If a person is suicidal, it gives them a chance to unburden themselves, know that they’re not the only person to feel this way, and there is help available.”

– Dr. Scott Poland

Prepare Your Staff with the Information & Technology to Help Students in Crisis

We want to empower your staff with the information they need to help a student at any time – what they know could save a life. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suicide awareness and prevention solutions.