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Suite360 SEL Resource Hub

Welcome to the Suite360 Resource Hub! This page is for educators and school staff members who are diving into social-emotional learning (SEL) and implementing Suite360. Here you will find general resources about what SEL is, why it is important, best practices for implementing SEL in your classroom or school, informational blogs and more. You’ll also find Suite360-specific resources to help you get the full value out of the programs, as well as family resources to engage caregivers in their students’ learning.

We will be updating these resources often, so please bookmark this page and check back regularly.

We are here to help you implement Suite360. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Important Skills for Students

Creating Space & Place for Social-Emotional Learning

Our students aren’t engaged by shiny objects or course content alone; instead, students are engaged by us when they feel connected and cared about as an individual.

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Engaging Students in SEL Discussions

Exploring SEL Authentically with Socratic Seminars

Teaching social-emotional learning (SEL) in middle school and high school can seem like a daunting task. While students in this age range need to focus on building their social and emotional skills, they may be reluctant to participate in lessons and discussions. However, there are ways to facilitate rich discussions with your class without pressure. One way to engage students in SEL discussions involves using Socratic seminars.

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Navigate360 Resources

Family Resources

Involving families in a school’s SEL program is vital to building strong partnerships. Schools can use various tools to educate, engage and communicate with caregivers throughout a child’s SEL journey. Explore the articles and videos below and share with families to help provide background information on SEL and help them drive conversations with their children.

For additional family resources, please visit our SEL Toolkit page by clicking learn more below.

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Partners in Your SEL Journey

New professional development packages provide learning opportunities to improve SEL understanding, build a schoolwide SEL culture and improve fidelity of SEL program implementation.

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Professional Development

SEL Resources

Scope & Sequence

With more than 400 lessons, Suite360 preset curriculum provides a ready-made, 38-week content plan for districts and schools, eliminating the need to figure out scope and sequence. The preset curriculum is composed of 7 modules for each grade level and covers the 5 CASEL competencies. Download our Scope & Sequence to learn more.

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Professional Development

Engaging Students

Classroom Activities

Explore our classroom activities for additional ideas on how to engage students in social-emotional learning. From Feelings Journals to articles to timely, relevant videos, we have a variety of resources to help drive your SEL implementation.

Navigate360 SEL Resources

Resources for Educators

Implementing an SEL program falls primarily on educators, and this is where you’ll find resources to help guide you. Background information on SEL as well as videos and articles are available to help boost your SEL implementation.

Navigate360 SEL Resources

Resources for Students

Engage students in their own learning by providing them with additional resources. Relevant, age-appropriate materials will be added regularly to motivate students and help them think more deeply about their own social-emotional learning.

Scaffolded Lessons for Grades K-12

Navigate360 SEL Resources

Resources in Spanish/Recursos en Español

Resources in Spanish are available for Spanish-speaking students. Use as needed and check back often for additional Spanish resources.

Scaffolded Lessons for Grades K-12

Navigate360 SEL Resources

SEL Assessment FAQs

Districts and schools have the option of assigning three SEL assessments over the course of the school year (beginning of year, middle of year, end of year) to help gauge students’ SEL growth. Learn more about our assessments with our Assessment FAQ.

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Helping students grow and improve their social-emotional skills is a marathon, not a sprint. We are your partners in your SEL journey and we want to ensure you get the full impact of your SEL implementation. For questions or additional help, please contact us at [email protected].

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