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ALICE Training®, NaviGate Prepared and SafePlans have come together to help you manage the full spectrum of safety – from prevention and preparation through response and recovery. We’re championing a modern approach that helps organizations and individuals more confidently act in any situation and create communities that thrive.

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Leaders across all types of communities know that professional support is required for truly modern safety initiatives. Communities thrive when people feel safe, physically and emotionally.

The Full Spectrum of Safety


Assess vulnerabilities and mitigate threats.


Build confidence through planning and practice.


Put practice into action. Swift and smart.


Come together, heal and move forward.

Communities need a trusted partner to support them throughout their safety journey. From prevention to recovery, Navigate360 guides community leaders along the path of safety. It is important to know that the journey is on-going and requires vigilance and foresight. Communities need various ways to create safe environments so their people can thrive. Navigate360 provides a breadth of technology, education and services to support all safety initiatives. Communities need to spend less time worrying and living in fear and more time focused on their true missions. Navigate360 provides the expertise and experience, giving you the confidence to feel safe so you can focus on what matters.

Navigate360 has stepped back and studied the big picture of threats and violence in our culture. As a result, Navigate360 is assembling and creating an interlocking range of technology, education and services, training and education – giving communities the unique ability to link together their ability to comprehensively prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from an active shooting event and other emergencies.

Navigate360 Resource Center

Expertly authored and curated, the Navigate360 Resource Center contains the information you need to be well informed about all aspects of safety. Find leading practices, expert guidance, important updates and more.

It all adds up – experience that builds confident communities

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People prepared to respond effectively to an active shooter incident with ALICE Training.

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Safety drills scheduled and logged each week at schools across the country.

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Students recorded each week with one-click accountability.

Who is Navigate360

After the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, our country faced an entirely new kind of tragedy. Since then, three leading organizations – ALICE Training, NaviGate Prepared and SafePlans – focused on building problem-solving technology, critically acclaimed active shooter response training and robust services designed to mitigate safety risks. These strengths are now brought together to form Navigate360 – the nation’s foremost holistic solutions resource for modern safety preparedness.

Led by Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault, Navigate360 now emphasizes prevention and preparation in addition to response and recovery. This full-spectrum approach empowers communities to stay safe and reach their full potential.

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