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Safety & Security Suite

Setting the New Standard in K-12 School Safety

Create a holistic culture of school safety with integrated visitor, volunteer & emergency management solutions

  • Seamless integration and communication between platforms ensures efficient security processes
  • Build a culture of safety with real-time security checks that allow oversight of all visitors & students on campus
  • Maintain compliance with state legislation, including those who have adopted Alyssa’s Law
  • Oversee emergencies with 360-degree facility views to better equip first responders
school safety solutions safety and security
2023 Campus Safety Award Winner
2023 Campus Safety Award Winner: Best


See How We Stack Up

New Standard Safety Requirements


Alyssa’s Law-compliant panic buttons.


Prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis with state-aligned, compliant Emergency Operation Plans and wizard guidance.


Immediate connection to first responders via 911 dispatch with optional live streaming of audio and video for enabled devices.


Initiate silent alert from locked screen with panic button app and integrate with Emergency Management Suite to respond during a crisis.


360-degree facility view of interior halls, classrooms and other interior spaces for first responders with onsite service from certified experts.


Help students and staff know how to respond to a crisis with Drill Management and maintain compliance with state legislative requirements.


Seamless communication with staff during an incident and maintain full visibility of student and staff wellbeing.


Accurately reunify students and families with Student Information System (SIS) integration and custody restriction review in our mobile and web solutions.


Vet volunteers with sex offender and criminal background screenings with subscription service.


Customizable training, dedicated implementation team and ongoing customer support.


Know who is on campus with full visibility and easily account for visitors and volunteers during a crisis.


Seamless and easy conversion from competitor solutions.


Download the Full Safety & Security Assessment Checklist

Overview and Benefits

The Safety & Security Suite

Eliminate school movement silos by integrating visitor, volunteer and emergency management data. This helps to ensure real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability and improves communication pathways, including those pathways used for reunification during a crisis.

school safety solutions safety and security
school safety solutions safety and security

Integrate & Communicate

Connected systems, including SIS integration, improve information for school verification and provide access to silent panic alerts for real-time communication with first responders. This improves the efficiency of school security processes, including expedited student and family reunification during a crisis.

Build a Culture of Safety

Real-time sex offender and criminal background screenings unite with parent/custody restriction reviews and student attendance tracking to enable ongoing oversight of all visitors and students on campus.

school safety solutions safety and security
school safety solutions safety and security

Maintain Compliance

Prepopulated drills aligned to district and state requirements with approved emergency operation plan (EOP) templates and wizard guidance ensure accurate information entry by school/district personnel as they comply with Department of Education (DOE) requirements and respond to emergencies appropriately.

Oversee Emergencies

360-degree facility views are achieved with companion professional site mapping and drawing services so first responders can better assess crisis situations and establish appropriate entry and exit points to maintain physical safety.

school safety solutions safety and security
2023 Campus Safety Award Winner

Campus Safety Award Winner

The Safety & Security Suite was selected as the 2023 Campus Safety Award Winner for the best Emergency Communications/Emergency Notification/Mass Notification solution because connecting visitor, volunteer, and emergency management, plus silent panic buttons into a single platform helps schools to have real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability and improves communication pathways, including those pathways used for reunification during a crisis.

Create a Culture of Holistic School Safety

Integrated Solutions That Work Better Together

Point solutions are no longer a viable answer. Modern schools need integrated and comprehensive tools, technologies and training focused on the whole child and the whole community. Download this brochure to learn more about how Navigate360’s Safety & Security Suite can empower your school to create and maintain a truly holistic culture of safety.

Integrated Solutions
school safety solutions safety and security

Emergency Management Suite

Build confidence between school staff and first responders with clear visibility, real-time communication and seamless support across critical safety needs throughout preparation, response and recovery with the Emergency Management Suite (EMS).

  • Complete safety audits
  • Build Emergency Operation Plans
  • Manage & log school safety drills
  • Alert & connect first responders
  • Reunify students & families

911Cellular Silent Alert Buttons for Alyssa’s Law Compliance

Comply with Alyssa’s Law and all state mandates using a complete solution of hardware and software panic buttons linked to first responders and school security teams.

  • Safety App Panic Button is lock-screen accessible to save time during an emergency.
  • Computer Panic Button – Easy installation on Windows, Chromebooks and Mac desktop and tablet devices.
  • Smartwatch Panic Button – Notify first responders while on the go with accurate location information.
  • Wearable & Wall-mounted Panic Button connect directly to Wi-Fi with no additional hardware required.
school safety solutions safety and security

Watch the Demo

See a Demo of Our Integrated Solutions!

Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite with 911Cellular panic button integration provides schools with a modern, cloud-based solution complete with Alyssa’s Law compliance, real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability while improving communication pathways, including those used for reunification during a crisis.

Volunteer Management & School Visitor Management System

The Visitor & Volunteer Management platform streamlines visitor and volunteer check-in processes by securely and discreetly vetting each guest on campus.

  • Safer Schools: Vet those who don’t belong in your buildings and achieve real-time visibility of all visitors at all times, including during an emergency when seconds count.
  • Streamline Efficiency: Register visitors in just a few clicks, print visitor passes and record tardy students as you eliminate time-consuming manual processes to keep things moving.
  • Hardware-Light: Cloud-based software with no proprietary hardware required allows for easy, flexible and budget-friendly implementation and use.
  • Management & Oversight Capabilities: Process volunteer applicants, check in or check out volunteers, send SMS and email, create and staff events and view who is on campus.
school safety solutions safety and security

Watch the Demo

See What Smart Visitor Management Looks Like!

View this demonstration of our Visitor Management solution to learn how a smart, hardware-light system provides your schools with versatile tools needed to keep your students and faculty safe, both today and in the future.

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