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Mental Health & Prevention

A Proactive & Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Education

With Navigate360 Mental Health & Prevention, schools can support students with professionally-developed lessons that help them understand and improve their mental health and wellness.

  • Equips students with vital information & coping strategies to protect their well-being
  • Enables students to take ownership of their mental health
  • Includes the latest research & best practices for addressing timely mental health concerns
  • Developed with a trauma-informed lens & provides best practices for creating a safe & welcoming environment for students to learn about sensitive topics
Mental Health Education for K-12

Overview and Benefits

Mental Health & Prevention

Mental Health & Prevention offers support for students and teachers​ around tough mental health and safety topics. 

Ongoing Support for Schools & Faculty
Behavioral Threat Analytics

Professionally Developed Lessons & Staff Resources

  • Lessons deliver age-appropriate content and include engaging interactive activities to capture and maintain student attention. Each lesson features a real-life, relatable scenario and examples that reflect the common issues students are facing in their everyday lives.
    • Animated videos for elementary
    • Live actor videos for middle & high school
    • Lessons align with the most recent mental health & prevention legislation across many states
    • Pre & post-tests and embedded knowledge checks help assess student understanding​ and reinforce key concepts
  • Includes a facilitator guide specific to each lesson with scripted instruction for more explicit implementation and embedded activities to supplement online lessons. Navigate360 also offers in-person and asynchronous professional development to assist schools in teaching tough topics.
  • Reporting dashboard provides high-level visibility into lessons assigned and completed, allowing facilitators to drill down into data to identify trends and help struggling students.

Lessons that Support Student Mental Health

Lessons for students in K-12 across topics such as:

  • Fentanyl awareness
  • Online and social media safety
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Child trafficking prevention
  • Sexual abuse prevention (Erin’s Law)
  • Stopping the stigma around mental health
  • Coping skills
  • Helping others
  • Suicide awareness
  • And more
Emotional Wellness & Professional Development

What Do Customers Think of Mental Health & Prevention?

Kaley Hoobler

Franklin County School District

“The lessons are excellent for our high schoolers and the challenges they are facing, and the lessons are the perfect length for our advisement periods and allow students to complete them and still have good discussions at the end!”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Mental Health & Prevention and why does my school need it?

With Navigate360 Mental Health & Prevention, schools can support students with evidence-based lessons that help them understand and care for their mental health and wellness. Mental Health & Prevention offers support for teachers and families of students in grades K-12 to address tough mental health care and safety topics.

What makes Navigate360 Mental Health & Prevention better than other products in the market?

Robust mental health and prevention lessons address critical and timely issues facing students, staff and families today. Navigate360 empowers people, schools and communities to stay safe and thrive – physically, socially and emotionally.

What tools are provided with Navigate360 Mental Health & Prevention that will help students?

There are a number of great tools included with Navigate360 Mental Health & Prevention. For example, tests given both before and after lessons help gauge student comprehension. Companion guides and professionally researched lesson support, discussion prompts, activities, and adult resources.

Why should we choose Navigate360's Mental Health & Prevention?

Navigate360 is the leader in holistic school safety and prevention solutions. Our revolutionary model spans the full spectrum of safety, including threat detection and prevention, mental health and wellness, and safety management and preparedness – backed by research and developed by industry experts. We provide the tools necessary to save and enhance lives.

Curriculum Preview

Navigate360 Mental Health & Prevention Curriculum

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