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Navigate360 Doubles-Down on Efforts to End School Shootings, Teen Suicide and Bullying in U.S. Schools

Following the acquisition of Motivating Systems and their leading PBIS Rewards platform, Navigate360 announces completed steps in accelerated solution integration with Behavior Intervention & Restorative Practices, fostering improved culture and climate in K-12 schools.

RICHFIELD, OH (April 6th, 2023) – Navigate360, the nation’s leader in K-12 school safety and student wellness solutions announced completion of phase one integration between PBIS Rewards Advanced Referral System (ARS) and their Behavior Intervention & Restorative Practices offering. This milestone comes four months post-acquisition, reinforcing Navigate360’s commitment to helping schools address safety and student wellness through a more seamless and holistic approach, allowing educators and behavioral intervention staff to better serve the growing needs of student mental health and behavioral support.

Through the early identification of warning signs associated with a pathway to violence and self-harm, educators can get students back on a path to wellness, proactively protecting the entire school community. These early integration efforts are focused on enabling educators to quickly connect students with situationally relevant resources.

“In a time where teachers and school staff are carrying a heavy task to address learning loss, they are also tasked with simultaneously managing disruptive and concerning behavior that has accelerated post-pandemic,” said Navigate360 Chief Executive Officer, JP Guilbault. “According to the EAB, nearly 60% of teachers reported that pressure to boost learning loss and academic outcomes left them with insufficient time to address increased behavioral issues within their classrooms. If we continue to let these issues go unresolved, we will continue to prevent our schools and teachers from getting to the business of learning. We must do better – for our educators and for our students.”

By simplifying the user experience within the PBIS Rewards ARS feature, users can assign recommended grade-appropriate Behavior Intervention lessons to specifically address the problem behavior documented in the referral. This expedites the school’s ability to turn discipline into a learning opportunity. It also promotes the natural connection between PBIS and SEL practices, providing additional opportunities to address student needs.

“Current systems are too fragmented and laden with manual processes for teachers and behavioral intervention teams, often resulting in staff dissatisfaction and limited results,” continued Guilbault. “We need to make systems easier, seamless and more informative. This release makes it easier for school staff to identify and assign age-appropriate lessons associated with minor and major behavior infractions that work in tandem with their PBIS, MTSS and Restorative Practices programs. By addressing early and low-level concerning behavior with ARS and Behavioral Intervention lessons, we are helping schools reduce repeat infractions – by up to 58% in some cases – and increasing both teaching and learning time.”

This connectivity is supported by research from the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the University of Oregon’s Center on Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and shows how the alignment between PBIS and SEL can improve students’ emotional skills, academics and behavior.

As reported last month, across more than 33 million online school and social media alerts, new data from Navigate360 showed alerts related to self-harm up 51% year-over-year, as well as a 25% increase year-over-year in alerts related to weapons and harm to others. Additionally, more than 4,000 anonymous tips per week are coming into school tip lines, with the most common tips related to self-harm and weapons.

“Tragic events continue to erode the confidence of students, parents, teachers and school communities,” said Guilbault. “When we say ‘zero incidents’ at Navigate360, we don’t mean just mass shootings – we mean zero suicides, zero shootings and fatalities, zero acts of bullying, overdoses, dating violence, inappropriate adult-child relationships and more. This is what we strive for everyday – doing anything less is simply not an option.”

With this push for accelerated product integration, Navigate360 is one step closer in their pursuit of zero incidents. To learn more about Navigate360’s holistic suite of solutions that addresses school climate and culture, threat assessment and prevention and safety managements and preparedness, visit

About Navigate360

Navigate360 is the premier provider of safety solutions for schools, leading to enhanced student wellbeing. With more than 20 years of experience, our multifaceted, layered approach – providing everything from curricula that support positive behavior and self-image to campus safety and personnel training – focuses on incident prevention. Currently, more than 14 million students are attending schools using Navigate360 solutions.

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