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Create a safer and more successful learning environment for staff and students with the Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools.
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Ensure your entire school is prepared and ready to respond to critical incidents with confidence and resilience

Education requires an environment where your staff and students feel safe, prepared, and protected. We all want to make sure they have a safe learning community to focus on what matters most: education. The evolving ecosystem of on-demand safety preparedness courses will allow you to provide critical education beyond expectations. The expertly curated, engaging eLearning keeps your students and staff protected and your school prepared. We offer multiple training delivery models – ensuring our programs fit your school community’s safety and compliance needs. See which options work for you and get started today.

On behalf of the entire school district – students, teachers, staff, administrators, board – I would like to express our deep appreciation to the folks from ALICE for helping us take the first big step in changing our protocol for school safety.
Bill C.

School Board Member

Education and Training to Create and Support a Culture of Safety

Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools

Join +5,500 districts already preparing with Navigate360

Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools

Empower a prepared and resilient student and staff population

Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools

Enhance school security with advanced safety certifications

Navigate360 Training Institute provides you and your staff with on-demand access to an eLearning ecosystem to build confidence and reduce anxiety for the individuals in your care.

Protect and prepare our school community

Protect and prepare our school community with a laser-focused eLearning library to reinforce and support your culture of safety in your building, district and community.

ALICE Training®

Empower and protect staff and students with active shooter response training that takes a trauma-informed approach and is age and ability appropriate. Your entire school is taken into consideration with courses specific to individual roles and lesson plans for every grade level.

Personal Safety Skills

Prepare and engage your students and staff to respond to high-stress critical emergencies with confidence and resilience. These courses help your students and staff to prepare for and overcome the physiological challenges experienced in an emergency and put individuals in a position to recognize potentially volatile incidents.

Protect and prepare our school community
Wellness Icon


Increase and improve the culture of your school by enhancing the well-being of your students and staff, helping to stay ahead of the modern challenges of today. Balancing safety and well-being can be a challenge while providing the education that students are there to receive and parents expect. The wellness curriculum positions school leaders to provide a balanced approach to keeping students and staff safe and protected.

Safety & Emergencies

Empower educators and staff members to respond to high-stress emergency situations with expert-curated training delivered in a convenient adult-learning format.

Safety and Emergencies

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

The certificated, age- and ability-appropriate, original civilian active shooter response program for schools empowers individuals to participate in their own survival using proactive, options-based strategies until help arrives.

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

ALICE is the original age- and ability-appropriate active shooter response program with a trauma-informed approach for schools. Society is forcing schools to adjust to safety and security issues with modern safety solutions. The “it won’t happen here” mentality is no longer an option for any organization and we are here to help you ensure your students and staff are prepared. ALICE Training® takes a trauma-informed approach to active threat response training, aligned with NASP and SAMHSA to ensure all individuals are prepared in the most compassionate and effective way.

The course is on-demand and provides foundational information on the communication strategies: Alert and Inform and the response options: Lockdown, Counter and Evacuate.

  • A trauma-informed approach to active threat training
  • Aligns with NASP and SAMHSA
  • Age- and ability-appropriate lesson plans and resources
  • Curriculum developed for students’ mental, physical, social, and emotional levels
  • Lesson plans for every grade level
  • ALICE special considerations resources
    • Customizable resources for student IEP
  • Micro lessons to ensure retention
    •  Introduction
    •  Awareness and Communication Strategies
    •  Response Option Strategies
    •  Prepare and Destress
  • Courses based on role
    • ALICE for Administrators
    • ALICE for Bus Drivers
    • ALICE for Cafeteria Workers
    • ALICE for Coaches
    • ALICE for Support Staff

The ALICE Training® program empowers students and staff to participate in their own survival when they become unwilling participants in acts of violence, anywhere and any time.

Personal Safety Skills

Personal Safety Skills

Prepare and engage your students and staff to respond to high-stress critical emergencies with confidence and resilience.

Safety Education with flexible access and evolving ecosystem of on-demand courses will position you to provide safety education beyond expectations to exemplify a culture of safety, preparedness, and resilience. The expert-curated and engaging eLearning keeps your students and staff protected and your school prepared.

  • De-escalation: How to Diffuse Aggression
    • With youth aggression and mental health crisis on the rise, it is imperative to understand how to diffuse a situation before it escalates. Designed to prepare individuals to recognize and diffuse aggression.
  • Extreme Survival Stress
    • Stress and anxiety are prevalent in any school. Add in the violence and threats common in today’s communities, and expecting our youth to instinctually know how to handle themselves in an emergency would be remiss.
  • Situational Awareness
    • Understanding your environment can be the piece of information that helps you avoid an emergency rather than becoming an unwilling participant in a crisis.
  • How to Properly Call 911
    • Calling 911 is not something most people often do. Ensure you know when to call and what to say when it counts.
  • Recovery: Trauma Response
    • The time to create a recovery plan is not during recovery. Solidify your trauma-recovery planning now to make sure you have things in place when you need them.
  • Courses added annually

Expert-curated courses with a laser focus on safety education with the purpose to ensure your students and staff are prepared to respond with resilience and confidence to any emergency.



Schools are facing unprecedented challenges to keeping students and staff safe physically, emotionally, and socially.

The Wellness curriculum provides your staff with education beyond physical safety to support a balanced culture with a modern approach to education that your team can utilize to protect students and keep them on a positive path.

  • Opioid & Addiction Awareness
    • The opioid epidemic is touching countless individuals with negative and long-term effects. It is imperative that schools take on the challenge to recognize and address addiction in staff and students. Navigate360’s Understanding Opioid Addiction course helps your team properly recognize and hopefully prevent addiction in themselves and those around them, both at school and in the community.
  • Understanding Bullying
    • If left unaddressed, bullying can affect the physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of children – now and in the future. Many adults, including educators, struggle with recognizing bullying and how to stop it when identified. Navigate360’s Understanding Bullying course provides educators with the information they need to not only identify but properly address bullying amongst students.
  • Understanding Vaping
    • Vaping among teens has hit epidemic proportions. With the childlike flavors and whimsical colors, the dangers have become secondary for teens and middle-school students. It is more important than ever to ensure educators reinforce the dangerous effects of vaping and the use of e-cigarettes.
  • Understanding Microaggressions
    • Understanding and recognizing microaggressions is imperative for a successful learning environment. Studies show that school staff tends to avoid microaggressions, leaving the victims of microaggressions to question their safety and sense of belonging. Classroom-based microaggressions can be subtle but exceptionally disruptive to students. People will make mistakes – after all, we are only human – but how we recover is a learned behavior that can be taught to staff and students to ensure everyone is treated with value and respect.
  • Digital Civility in Schools
    • These days, it’s more important than ever to promote digital civility in a world filled with online conversations, virtual relationships, and remote learning. Digital civility on a global scale is at its lowest since 2016, meaning that online incivility is a troubling trend that is getting worse. We’re working to empower educators to have digital civility conversations with students of all ages and abilities to ensure a safer, more compassionate, and more respectful online experience for all.

A mindful and flexible on-demand curriculum that is laser-focused on keeping students and staff safe, protected and prepared. Built for leaders who need to ensure the safety and resilience of your students and staff for a lifetime.

Safety & Emergencies

Safety & Emergencies

Empower Educators to Respond to Many Types of Threats Today’s Schools May Face

Navigate360’s Safety & Emergencies curriculum is designed to prepare K-12 school communities to respond to today’s most pressing safety and emergency threats. Our easy-to-use, on-demand catalog was developed by safety and emergency response experts and includes engaging eLearning that keeps students and staff protected and prepared.

  • Responding to Fire & Explosions for SchoolsA fire or explosion can happen anywhere, and knowing how to respond is critical. This course provides best practices for prevention, as well as how to respond in the event such an emergency occurs at your school.
  • Recognizing & Responding to Bomb Threats in SchoolsSchools receive more bomb threats per year than public places of assembly or residential locations. Being able to recognize these threats and knowing how to respond with confidence is key. This course covers how to discourage bomb threats and what to do if a bomb threat is received. It also provides crisis communication tips if a bomb threat occurs.
  • Surviving a Hostage SituationWith more than 10,000 estimated hostage-taking incidents annually in the United States, it’s important to know how to respond if your school is faced with this type of emergency. This course offers tips on what to do and what not to do during a hostage situation.
  • Recognizing & Responding to Suspicious Activity in Your School Schools are busy places, with many people coming and going throughout the day. With such heavy foot traffic, it's important to establish a consistent approach to identifying and reporting suspicious behavior. By the end of this course, participants will be more observant of potentially dangerous or criminal behavior and will know how to report such behavior to an administrator or law enforcement agency.
  • Preventing & Preparing for an Event of Terrorism on or Near School CampusesActs of terrorism can take place anywhere, including schools, and there needs to be a plan to prepare, protect, mitigate and respond should such an event take place. This course will provide K-12 staff with a baseline understanding of how to prevent terrorism and prepare for potential attacks.
  • Responding to & Preventing Hazardous Materials Incidents in SchoolFrom science and art materials to cleaning supplies, hazardous materials are present in every classroom across the country. This course will teach learners how to prevent, recognize and respond to a potential release of hazardous materials to help protect the safety and health of students and staff.
  • Recognizing & Responding to Utility Failure for TeachersA utility failure can interrupt the safe and proper operation of a school. Teachers are often the first to encounter these events and need to know how to respond. This course is intended to provide a high-level overview of utility failures in schools. Learners will identify what utility failures are and what it potentially means for K-12 environments from a teacher perspective.
  • Recognizing & Responding to Utility Failure for AdministratorsA utility failure can have a big impact on the operation of school facilities and can be caused by natural events, accidents or acts of vandalism. This course is intended to provide administrators with a high-level overview of utility failures in schools. Learners will identify what utility failures are and what it potentially means for K-12 environments from an administrator perspective.
  • Preparing for & Responding to Large Crowd & Civil Unrest Events on School CampusesWhile students have the right to exercise freedom of speech, schools have a responsibility to ensure a safe environment. That’s why they must prepare for the potential of civil unrest at school. In this course, K-12 teachers and staff will learn how to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from events of civil unrest.
  • Emergency Bleeding Control Techniques Bleeding is the leading cause of death after an injury. To improve the chances of survivability, it’s crucial to know how to recognize and respond to life-threatening bleeding. This course covers bleeding control techniques and how to ensure the safety of the scene.

Develop Effective School Safety Teams & Enhance School Security with Advanced Training Certifications

We also offer advanced certification courses to help you grow effective school security teams and further enhance safety in your schools. Advanced certification courses currently include:

  • ALICE Organizational Certification
  • ALICE Instructor Certification
  • CSTAG Team Training
  • CSTAG for Law Enforcement Training
  • NTAC Team Training
  • NTAC for Law Enforcement Training

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