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Create a safer and more productive environment for your employees.
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Ensure your entire organization is prepared and ready to respond to critical incidents

A successful business requires a place where your employees are safe to do their job, and in today’s society that can be a daunting task. We can help. The evolving ecosystem of on-demand safety preparedness courses allows you to provide critical safety education beyond expectations and empower your staff to prioritize safety no matter where they are in the world. The expertly curated, engaging eLearning keeps your employees prepared and the organization protected. We offer multiple training delivery models, ensuring our programs fit your organization’s safety and compliance needs. See which options work for you and get started today.

ALICE Training is important because it allows you to be better prepared in a situation of a violent critical incident or active shooter situation.

You get almost this ripple effect when ALICE comes to your organization. You get team members that go through the training, and are talking about it then, after the fact, with their families…Ultimately, it’s good information to know, good information to share.

Everybody should go through this training – young or old.

Kevin Kent

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Education and Training to Create and Support a Culture of Safety

Workplace Safety Training

57% of active shooter events are over before LE arrives

Workplace Safety Training

Empower a prepared and resilient organization

Workplace Safety Training

Mitigate risk and increase productivity with safety education

Navigate360 Training Institute provides you and your staff with on-demand access to an eLearning ecosystem to build confidence and reduce anxiety for the individuals in your organization.

Protect and prepare our school community

Protect and prepare your staff with a laser-focused eLearning library to reinforce and support your culture of safety in your building, organization, and community.

Protect and empower individuals with active shooter response training that takes a trauma-informed approach to eduation that increases the survivability of acts of violence. Your entire organization is taken into consideration with courses specific to individual roles and information that empowers every individual in your organization to participate in their own survival when they become unwilling participants in active threat incidents.

Personal Safety Skills

Prepare and engage your employees to respond to high-stress critical emergencies with confidence and resilience. These courses help your entire organization to prepare for and overcome the physiological challenges experienced in an emergency and put individuals in a position to recognize potentially volatile incidents and act before they escalate.

Protect and prepare our school community


Increase and improve your organization’s culture by enhancing the wellbeing of your employees, helping to stay ahead of the modern challenges of today. Balancing safety and wellbeing can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced environment. The wellness curriculum positions leaders to provide a balanced approach to keeping your employees safe and what you built safe and protected.

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

ALICE is the certificated original civilian active shooter response program for organizations that empowers individuals to participate in their own survival using proactive, options-based strategies until help arrives.

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

ALICE is the original active shooter response program with a trauma-informed approach for organizations. Society is forcing companies to adjust to safety and security issues with modern safety solutions. The “it won’t happen here” mentality is no longer an option for any organization and we are here to help you get your team prepared. ALICE Training® takes a scalable approach to active threat response training, aligned with SAMHSA to ensure all individuals are prepared in the most efficient and effective way.

The course is on-demand and provides foundational information on the communication strategies: Alert and Inform and the response options: Lockdown, Counter and Evacuate.

  • A trauma-informed approach to active threat training
  • Aligns with SAMHSA
  • Ability-appropriate resources
  • Training that can be used by anyone, anywhere, and at any time
  • Micro lessons to ensure retention
    •  Introduction
    •  Awareness and Communication Strategies
    •  Response Option Strategies
    •  Prepare and Destress
  • Courses based on role

The ALICE Training® program empowers individuals to participate in their own survival when they become unwilling participants in acts of violence, anywhere and any time.

Personal Safety Skills

Personal Safety Skills

Prepare and engage your employees to respond to high-stress critical emergencies with confidence and resilience.

Safety Education with flexible access and an evolving ecosystem of on-demand courses will position you to provide a learning experience beyond expectations that exemplifies a culture of safety, preparedness, and resilience. The expert-curated and engaging eLearning keeps your employees protected and your organization prepared.

  • De-escalation: How to Diffuse Aggression
    • With anxiety and mental health crisis on the rise, it is imperative to understand how to diffuse a situation before it escalates. This course prepares individuals to safely recognize and diffuse aggression and positions your team to stay safe while acting in the organization’s best interest.
  • Extreme Survival Stress
    • Stress and anxiety are prevalent in any organization. Add in the violence and threats common in today’s communities, and expecting your employees to instinctually know how to handle themselves in an emergency would be remiss. This course helps people understand how to overcome the physiological effects they may encounter in an emergency.
  • Situational Awareness
    • Understanding your environment can be the piece of information that helps you avoid an emergency rather than becoming an unwilling participant in a crisis. This course provides information on how to harness the vast information you take in when you walk into any area and process it with a safety mindset.
  • How to Properly Call 911
    • Calling 911 is not something most people often do. Ensure you know when to call and what to say when it counts. The short course prepares individuals to get the right information to the dispatcher to get the right help to the right place quickly.
  • Courses added annually

Expert-curated courses with a laser focus on safety education with the purpose to ensure your team is prepared to respond with resilience and confidence to any emergency.



Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges to recruiting and keeping employees.

The Wellness curriculum provides your staff with education beyond physical safety to support a balanced culture with a modern approach to education that your team can utilize beyond your four walls.

  • Opioid & Addiction Awareness
    • The opioid epidemic is touching countless individuals with adverse and long-term effects. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations take on the challenge to recognize and address addiction. Navigate360’s Understanding Opioid Addiction course helps your team properly identify and hopefully prevent addiction in themselves and those around them, both at work and in the community.
  • Understanding Microaggressions in the Workplace
    • Understanding and recognizing microaggressions is imperative to a healthy and productive work environment. Microaggressions can be subtle yet extremely disruptive to both employees and employers. People will make blunders; it is human nature to make mistakes. Failing to address these mistakes on an organizational level, however, can create a hostile work environment. Studies show that employees who experience microaggressions have decreased job satisfaction and a higher risk of mental and physical health issues. This can lead to less productivity and increased absenteeism.
  • Introduction to Behavioral Threat Assessment in the Workplace
    • The world is changing, and organizations must become more proactive. This is especially true when it comes to getting ahead of internal threats that could endanger employees, harm the organization, and reduce productivity. Assembling a threat assessment team is the most efficient and proactive way to evaluate and analyze the validity of potential threats.
  • Recovery: Trauma Response
    • The time to create a recovery plan is not during recovery. Solidify your trauma-recovery planning now to make sure you have things in place when you need them. This in-depth course walks you through the planning and implementation steps to ensure a quick and compassionate recovery process to reduce your organization’s downtime post-incident.
  • Understanding Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    • The combined stressors of balancing work, life, and family can lead to overwhelming feelings at times. It is important to learn how to recognize and manage those powerful feelings in your staff, yourself, and those around you. The Suicide Awareness and Prevention course help individuals understand what suicide really is and how to recognize (and hopefully prevent) suicide in both themselves and those around them.

A mindful and flexible on-demand curriculum that is laser-focused on keeping employees safe, protected, and prepared. Built for leaders who need to ensure the safety and resilience of your organization.

Enhance Security with Advanced Training Certifications

We also offer advanced certification courses to develop your security teams and further enhance safety for your organization. Advanced certification courses for schools currently include:

  • ALICE Organizational Certification
  • ALICE Instructor Certification

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