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ALICE Active Shooter Response Training in the Workplace

Critical Emergency Preparation for Every Organization

Protecting your organization and employees against violence is never easy. We can help. ALICE Training® is the original civilian active shooter response training program that empowers employees to survive in the face of violence.

  • Leverage our 20 years of experience to keep your staff and organization protected
  • Curriculum designed by safety experts that is built to empower, prepare and protect every individual in your organization
  • Access an evolving ecosystem of courses that take an age- and ability-appropriate, trauma-informed approach to safety training

Get to Know ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

Why ALICE Training®

Take a proactive, options-based & trauma-informed approach to respond to any violent critical incident.

Saves Lives

Empower your employees to participate in their own survival using proactive, options-based strategies in the face of violence. Your employees need to be prepared while help is on the way.

Build Confidence

The ALICE program teaches proactive strategies that individuals can use if they become unwilling participants in acts of violence, providing life lessons that your team can use no matter where they are.

Mitigate Risk

ALICE is research-based and supported by peer-reviewed, published research which shows the ALICE program reduces anxiety, reduces the length of a violent critical incident, and improves outcomes.

Overview and Benefits

How ALICE Training® Works

ALICE is broken down into easily digestible topics to ensure the strategies are appropriate for all age and ability levels.

Communication Strategies: Alert (A) and Inform (I)

  • Alert – Your first notification of danger and acceptance of what is communicated by your senses or others.
  • Inform – Communicate real-time information using clear and direct language in any way possible.

Proactive Response Options: Evacuate (E), Lockdown (L), Counter (C)

  • Evacuate – When safe to do so, run from the danger, using non-traditional exits if necessary.
  • Lockdown – If evacuation is not possible, barricade all entry points and prepare to Evacuate or Counter.
  • Counter – If in close proximity of danger, create noise, movement, distance and distraction to reduce the assailant’s ability to do harm accurately.

Blended Solution for Online and In-Person Learning

How ALICE Training® is Delivered

Certificated eLearning

  • It’s critical for organizations to continually adapt to safety and security issues with modern safety solutions. The “it won’t happen here” mentality is no longer an option for any organization. Preparing and protecting the individuals in your care is not only your responsibility by law, but also the right thing to do for your employees.
  • The ALICE eLearning course is interactive and on-demand to fit into any team’s busy schedule, and it provides a certificate upon successful completion to ensure comprehension. The course provides foundational information on the communication strategies of Alert and Inform as well as the response options of enhanced Lockdown, Counter, and Evacuate. Each course is interactive and engaging, with a focus on relatability and inclusivity.
  • ALICE eLearning is not the only course you will get. The Navigate360 Training Institute is an evolving ecosystem of courses to ensure your organization is prepared and protected.
  • ALICE curriculum and beyond:
    • De-escalation: How to Diffuse Aggression
    • Situational Awareness: Skills to Recognize What’s Not Normal
    • Extreme Survival Stress: Overcoming Natural Psychological and Physical Inhibitors to Act
    • 911 Communication: What and How to Communicate with First Responders
    • ALICE Active Shooter and Violent Critical Incident Response Options: How to Respond and Survive When You Encounter a Violent Critical Incident
ALICE Training: Online and In-Person Learning

Hands-On Practice

  • Hands-on training delivered by an ALICE Certified Instructor (ACI) is imperative for fluid recall of the ALICE strategies in an emergency. Whether you choose to have an internal ACI in your organization or an ALICE National Trainer onsite to provide hands-on instruction, allowing your entire organization to participate in the interactive training will improve recall when they need it most. Just like all emergency response training, active shooter response drills should be regularly conducted to ensure individuals in your organization know their options no matter where they are if they become unwilling participants in acts of violence.
  • 57% of active shooter events are over before law enforcement arrives. Your employees need to be prepared to be proactive in their survival until help arrives.

A Trauma-Informed Approach

70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event in their lives (National Council for Mental Wellbeing)

ALICE Training is the nation’s pioneer in proactive, options-based training designed to empower individuals to participate in their own survival should an active shooter or other life-threatening emergency take place. With multi-option responses provided through the ALICE protocol, individuals can choose what is right for them based on age, ability, and life experiences, as well as proximity to a violent critical incident. ALICE Training is all about options. Not every situation is the same – your response strategies shouldn’t be either.

Hear How Organizations & Individuals are Preparing with ALICE Training®

How Business & Community Leaders Can Make a Difference & Impact Safety in their Organizations and Communities

“They start realizing this is not a workplace skill. These are life skills.”
Chief Rodney Pell

Executive Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Facilities Public Safety, Mountwest Community College

Hear How ALICE Strategies Empower Mountwest Community College Staff to Respond with Confidence

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