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Student Safety and Wellness Solutions for Your School

Our National Director of Safety & Emergency Management, Brad Spicer, sat down with EduTechGuys at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) to discuss Navigate360’s holistic suite of student safety and wellness solutions. Our solutions help create an environment where every child can experience the school day without fear. Zero incidents is what we strive for, doing anything less is not an option.

This conversation originally appeared on the EduTechGuys audio podcast on January 25, 2023. Listen to the full episode here or at the link below.

EduTechGuys- Conference Coverage, FETC2023


The Ultimate Guide to Whole-Child Safety, Wellness & Success in in K-12 Schools

Students can’t reach their full academic potential unless they feel safe and supported at school. Navigate360’s school safety solutions provide you with accessible, integrated tools necessary to save and enhance lives.

Download our guide to learn how Navigate360’s full spectrum of school safety solutions, including mental health and wellness, threat detection and prevention, and safety management and preparedness, work together to foster a safe and positive school culture.

Use this guide to learn how to detect, manage and prevent threats to your school’s safety. Navigate360’s school safety and wellness solutions enable you to support mental health and character development of students and staff alike.

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