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PBIS in Ohio: East Clinton Local Schools Sees Positive Impact

After seeing the success of PBIS at the elementary and middle school level, the East Clinton School District recently opened the first PBIS store in its high school. The school district, located in southwest Ohio, envisions a long-term investment in creating an extensive PBIS store hub when they combine their middle and high schools into one building. Learn more about PBIS in Ohio and how this school district is utilizing PBIS Rewards to manage their thriving PBIS program in the story below.

This article originally appeared in the News Journal on October 30, 2023. Read the full story here.

East Clinton creates store to promote positive behavior 

SABINA — In a move designed to foster positive student behavior and achievement, the East Clinton Local School District has unveiled its first high school PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) store. This initiative rewards students for their positive conduct and marks a milestone in enhancing the school’s educational experience, according to district officials. 
PBIS focuses on teaching desired behaviors and providing positive reinforcement for students, thereby promoting a conducive learning environment. The newly-established PBIS store offers students the opportunity to exchange their hard-earned points for rewards, amplifying the motivation to exhibit model behavior. 

The concept of the PBIS store emerged from a successful project at East Clinton Middle School, with the high school expanding upon this idea. The district envisions a future where the two stores, middle and high school, are combined into one extensive hub when they move into their new building. Moreover, the elementary schools within the district also have their own programs where students redeem their points in the classrooms for various rewards. 

Speaking about the origins of the initiative, Matt Melnek, middle school principal, explained, “The idea for a PBIS store started at our middle school. Last year, the store was piloted with success. The middle school has expanded their store and the idea was then carried over to the high school. When we move into the new building, we hope to combine both building’s stores into one larger store that will serve both middle and high school.” 

Katrina Rupp, East Clinton Local School District’s psychologist, highlighted that implementing PBIS is a district-wide initiative and goal. She said, “We have been implementing multiple levels of support for our students. The PBIS store is part of the first level of support. Recently, our high school, middle school, and Sabina Elementary received the bronze recognition award from the state of Ohio for level 1 implementation. We are hoping to reach the silver level of recognition district-wide by the fall of 2024.” 

Under the PBIS program, students earn points by consistently meeting and exceeding school-level expectations. These points are awarded and tracked through the behavior tracking system known as PBIS Rewards. Each school building within the district has a set of expectations and guidelines, with defined behaviors corresponding to each expectation. For instance, the expectations at the middle school include being Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable, and Respectful. Students are taught these expectations at the start of the academic year and are continuously encouraged to meet them, as explained by Melnek and Rupp. 

The establishment of the PBIS store has yielded a noticeable change in the school’s culture and atmosphere, according to officials. The middle school’s “STAR Mart” has already experienced an upsurge in enthusiasm among students, who are eager to earn points and exhibit the desired behaviors. Students have also been actively involving their families in their journey, sharing their excitement and the items they aspire to purchase. 

Despite the numerous benefits, implementing PBIS has not been without its share of challenges. Melnek explained that the program necessitates a cultural shift, both within the school and the community. Traditionally, quick disciplinary actions have been the norm, but PBIS focuses on teaching students the correct behaviors for lasting change. This paradigm shift requires time and collective efforts from both staff and students to achieve lasting results. 

Rupp and Melnek explained “Additionally, the sustainability of the PBIS store has posed a significant challenge. Relying on limited school funds and the generosity of staff and parents for item donations, maintaining a consistent supply of rewards in the store has been an ongoing struggle. However, the district remains committed to upholding this program, as it has had a positive impact on students and the overall school culture.” 

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