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Safety Drill Planning & Management with Navigate360

“The ability to remain calm and respond effectively in an emergency makes all the difference -and that can only come from knowledge, practice, and preparation.” –Thom Jones, Senior Vice President, Threat Assessment & Prevention, Navigate360

Ensuring the safety of students and staff in schools is of paramount importance in today’s environment. Safety drills go beyond mere formalities; they are proactive measures that empower educational institutions to protect their community. These drills provide students and educators with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively during crises.

School safety drills encompass a range of scenarios, including fire, lockdown, active shooter, and evacuation drills. These meticulously designed exercises prepare individuals to face emergencies with confidence. More than just routine practices, these drills reinforce safety protocols and cultivate preparedness by enhancing individuals’ ability to make informed decisions, remain calm under pressure, and work together to minimize harm during a crisis.

Navigate360’s comprehensive Emergency Management simplifies the planning and management of safety drills. Our suite includes realistic and real-world scenarios that enhance the effectiveness of your drills. By incorporating these simulated Drill Scenarios into your safety routines, you can boost engagement among staff and students, stimulate creative problem-solving, and identify any weaknesses in your school safety plan. Discover other valuable drill tips to further enhance school safety. Learn more about the power of school safety drills.

A Deep Dive into Safety Drill Planning & Management with Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite (EMS)

Drill Planning and Management

Administrators can select type, quantity, and frequency of each safety and security drill, ensuring state requirements are met, with the ability to add drills as needed. With Drill Manager, your teams can document and implement safety security drills and protocols by:

  • Managing customizable drill requirements for schools district-wide
  • Enabling school-based teams to schedule drills
  • Managing and automating reminders
  • Logging drill information from across a district in a single cloud-based location
  • Searching for specific drills or details
  • Keeping comprehensive, exportable statistics

You can schedule safety and security drills for the entire school year and change as needed, as well as set automatic reminders to notify staff and teachers of upcoming drills.

Once a drill is completed, it can be logged and closed by entering the drill details. Schools have access to each building’s drill status, including drills required, scheduled, and completed. This enables your team to easily identify locations with missing requirements. Each site is displayed showing month and totals throughout the year. This data can be exported for record keeping.

Drill Log Scenarios

These realistic, real-world safety and security training scenarios better train and prepare staff and teachers for an emergency, while improving the overall effectiveness of the district’s safety plan. Scenarios can be filtered by site and category and have a variety of formats including text, audio, and video clips. You can also create and add your own custom scenarios specific to the district, site, and/or situation. 

A history of used scenarios can be logged with dates and how they were used for training and validation. Scenarios are accessible via web and mobile app. Drill Log Scenarios enable schools to:

  • Access video, audio, and text scenarios
  • Address a wide variety of emergencies
  • Validate and improve your safety plans
  • Use critical thinking scenarios to help build a mental library of responses
  • Improve staff ability to respond effectively

Navigate360’s Drill Management includes 68+ guided Drill Log Scenarios delivered via video training content and staff discussion prompts to promote increased preparation in the event of an incident.

Response Matters: Equipping Schools for the Unthinkable with Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite 

As you reinforce a culture of safety by ensuring your students and staff members are prepared for emergencies, you also reduce your liability and compliance risks. Our Emergency Management Suite builds confidence between school staff and first responders with clear visibility, real-time communication, and seamless support for critical safety needs throughout preparation, response, and recovery. 

Download our free brochure to learn how our Emergency Management Suite helps you stay in control of drills, active incidents, and reunification by keeping vital teams apprised through a centralized cloud-based user experience. 

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