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Safety Plans for Schools: Prepare for the Unthinkable

Emergency preparedness in schools is vital. Crises like earthquakes, hurricanes, shootings, or chemical spills happen unexpectedly. To be ready, schools need to be proactive and have a comprehensive emergency plan in place.

While you can’t predict all emergencies, you can equip your school to respond quickly and effectively.

Envision an emergency as “X” on a timeline. Everything after “X” is response or recovery and everything before “X” is an opportunity to prevent or prepare. The purpose of emergency planning is to help schools to get before “X.”


Schools with safety plans can reduce the impact of tragic events, save lives, and create a confident environment in which students thrive.

Navigating Natural Disasters and Medical Emergencies

When faced with the unexpected, schools need a robust emergency management system to respond swiftly and effectively. Navigate360 designed the incident management capabilities in our Emergency Management (EMS) to handle diverse scenarios, including natural disasters and medical emergencies. Our EMS and panic button technology empowers schools to streamline their response efforts, coordinate resources, and communicate efficiently during times of crisis. EMS is a vital partner in keeping students and staff safe during emergency response.

Addressing the Uncomfortable Reality: Violent Critical Incidents

Violent critical incidents (VCIs) are an unfortunate reality, and school leaders cannot rely on hoping that they won’t happen in their communities. Proactive, options-based response training is not just a consideration; it’s a necessity. ALICE Active Shooter Training is the premier active shooter response training program.

ALICE Active Shooter Training: A Practical Approach to Crisis Response

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. The program equips people to make smart choices, stay calm, and work together to reduce harm in a VCI. Our trauma-informed, age- and ability-appropriate approach understands that every violent incident is different and requires a flexible and adaptable response strategy.

Practical Benefits of ALICE Training®:

  • Informed Decision-Making: ALICE equips individuals with the knowledge to assess situations critically and make informed decisions for their safety.
  • Calm under Pressure: By instilling confidence through providing practical skills, ALICE teaches individuals to remain calm during high-stress situations.
  • Trauma-informed & age-and-ability-appropriate: Students should also receive developmentally-appropriate and trauma-informed training on how to respond to emergencies, including active shooter situations.
  • Team Collaboration: ALICE emphasizes the importance of collaboration, enabling students and staff to work together effectively to minimize harm and maximize safety.

Industry-Leading Solutions That Are Better Together

Having a well-developed emergency plan is crucial for schools to ensure the safety of their students and staff.

Navigate360 supports schools and districts in ensuring the safety of students, staff, and the community during emergencies. Our comprehensive EMS and panic button technology improves school safety by ensuring accountability and enabling swift communication with first responders.

ALICE Training® recognizes the importance of school emergency planning and provides valuable guidance in this area. ALICE helps schools create a safer environment for everyone and reduce the potential harm caused by emergencies.

By including ALICE and EMS in their emergency plans, schools can enhance their safety and preparedness plans and response capabilities.

Preparedness Starts Here: Equip Your Schools for the Unthinkable

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This eBook addresses emergency planning for a variety of scenarios, emphasizing the ability of technology to streamline response efforts, facilitate communication, and minimize disruptions. We also address the reality of violent critical incidents while highlighting the effective, options-based response we offer through ALICE Training ®.

Emergencies aren’t predictable, but training and preparation are within our realm of control. Get started today by downloading your free copy of our eBook!

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