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Information is the first step in building a culture of safety.

Because Time Equals Life

If only. If only law enforcement could have arrived faster. If only someone would have connected the dots. If only there were more barriers to entry. Such tragic statements surround every school shooting, because each one is a complete, senseless tragedy. And from...

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Bridging the Social Distancing Gap

During these extraordinary times of isolation and social distancing, it’s critical to have easy access to communication tools, as well as a secure way to share information throughout your organization. To help you stay connected with critical safety information,...

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Safety Is a Continuing Journey

Today, we are introducing a new brand and an evolving mission in pursuit of school, workplace, and community safety. While we have a new name, a new logo, new colors – what’s most important to know is that we have hundreds of passionate employees and partners working...

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Our Basic Need for Safety

Our need for safety The need for safety is fundamental. In his famous 1943 paper, Abraham Maslow outlined his hierarchy of human needs, ranking them from the largest and most fundamental at the bottom to the need for self-actualization at the top.According to his...

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Calm Amidst Chaos!

Back-to-school! It's a time of year that is known for its chaos. Some things don't need to be chaotic though, like your emergency preparedness planning. Refreshing your emergency preparedness tools via the virtual interface for the new school year is simple and...

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