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Safety is a Continuing Journey

Today, we are introducing a new brand and an evolving mission in pursuit of school, workplace, and community safety. While we have a new name, a new logo, new colors – what’s most important to know is that we have hundreds of passionate employees and partners working tirelessly to serve our customers and communities to ensure everyone feels safe and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

How we got here

For 20+ years, since the tragedy at Columbine, organizations like ALICE Training Institute, NaviGate Prepared, and SafePlans have been on a mission to address the violence epidemic our nation faces.

We’ve worked alongside parents, teachers, community leaders, government officials, and academicians in this pursuit and trained tens of thousands of community leaders, school security officers, and law enforcement on how to respond in a critical incident. Time and time again, we’ve seen first-hand the anxiety and stress that schools and organizations deal with, and the trauma students and teachers experience after an incident occurs.

As our customers’ needs are evolving, our business and products are growing right alongside them. As an organization, lessons have been learned, and innovation has occurred. Innovation isn’t just about new products or technology, but also includes new ideas, processes, or reimagining the way work, training, education, and drilling are done – the way safety should be planned for and improved.

We have many talented and creative thinkers who have come together under one roof to listen to the new many opportunities. With this, we can listen to each other, engage, and collaborate to improve the quality of what we offer. Our goal is to enhance training guidelines to be even more age and ability appropriate; to create drills that foster learning over fear and creating modern technology and safety solutions for our users. Together, we will grow safer and stronger under this unified and recognizable brand, Navigate360.

Navigate360, the next chapter

Navigate360 transcends far beyond the original service offerings of ALICE, NaviGate Prepared, and SafePlans. The thesis is this: a holistic solution that addresses the full continuum of safety, from prevention to recovery. We have identified four interconnected stages that will make up our end-to-end approach:


Navigate360’s team has built comprehensive software and services designed to identify and mitigate risk factors. These risk factors range from understanding, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the signs of bullying or depression all the way to the effectiveness of factors such as physical building security, among many others. We are of the mind that, when possible, prevention is the best solution.


We have partnered with security engineers and the best third-party service providers to come up with innovative technology solutions that will help organizations and schools implement and manage safety plans effectively and efficiently.


In today’s world, we have to also be ready for the worst-case-scenario. The best training and tools will allow individuals and organizations to act confidently in an emergency. The core of this offering is the ALICE Training® Active Shooter Response Training. This is a proven, options-based methodology for saving lives in violent critical incidents. We remain steadfast in our belief in the importance of response drills, because when faced with a violent intruder situation, every second counts.


Coping with the effects of traumatic events is something we take seriously. Trauma manifests itself differently in every situation, individual, and community. It also lives on for an indefinite amount of time, staying with the body and mind long after the traumatic event is over. We recognize there is no short-term fix. With our understanding of trauma recovery, we have set out to equip communities with long-term reunification and training support to help organizations and individuals begin their path towards healing after a traumatic incident.


Trust is one of our most valued assets, and something that is earned over time through consistent experiences, quality products and services, and a commitment to doing what’s right. Our passion and commitment is unmatched as we strive to:

  1. Educate and inspire – with positive experiences and an absence of fear
  2. Continuously improve – through observation, measuring, listening and refining
  3. Be customer driven – partnering with, designing with and easy to do business with

We are proud to help keep communities across the nation stay safe and prepared. While many Navigate360 solutions are available today, more products and offerings are under development and will be rolled out in the coming months. Read about new technology that is enhancing school safety.To learn more, I encourage you to explore our new website and follow us on social media.

Before signing off, I’d like to thank my fantastic team for the countless hours dedicated to making this a reality. Tackling the growing problem of violence in this country is demanding and difficult, but one of the most important jobs out there. I am proud of my team for making it their mission every day to do what we can to prevent disasters, unite communities, and save lives.

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