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NaviGate Prepared Year Review

Thank you to our wonderful customers for your trust and support again in 2017! And more importantly, thank you for your ongoing dedication to keeping you school’s safe and prepared.

As we celebrate the start of a new year, let’s take a brief look at some of the highlights from 2017.

Product Enhancements

With your input and feedback and our pulse on the trends and needs of today’s school administrators, we launched several new product features this year. Here are the top 3:

  • Security & Scalability. By migrating our platform from physical servers to a virtual environment you benefit from a highly available, highly scalable, structure built with security and performance in mind. It’s likely you didn’t even notice this change and that’s the whole idea! But, we sleep a bit better knowing our new system is faster, stronger and even more secure.
  • Drill Scenarios. Drills are a critical component to emergency preparedness and the more we can help you enhance their effectiveness, the better. Adding Drill Scenarios to the NaviGate Prepared website gives principals the ability to have staff members initiate drills and incorporate audio or text-based scenarios to boost engagement and effectiveness of drills.
  • Respond on the Desktop. You asked for it – make all the power and features of the Respond app available on the desktop – and we delivered! Thanks for the fantastic idea. We always love to hear from you.

Delivering School Safety Across the U.S.

Traveling across the country with safety experts and advocates is a great privilege. It’s incredibly rewarding to participate in the conversations sparked by Michael Dorn during a Safety Summit or those initiated by the stories and insights from Michele Gay or Alissa Parker. Having the pleasure to present alongside many of our advocates at industry events is another way we are bringing leading school safety practices to administrators, staff and first responders.

During 2017, we were honored to sponsor 12 Safety Summit events featuring Michael Dorn, executive director, Safe Havens International. Be sure to check the calendar for our 2018 locations and register early!

Thank you to our experts and advocates for your support and dedication to school safety!

Summer Safety Academy

Summer Safety Academy made a successful debut in 2017 This one-day workshop focuses on the key features and functionality of the NaviGate Prepared safety software platform. Attendees participated in interactive, hands-on experiences, learned NaviGate Prepared best practices and networked with their peers. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to meet, in person and build relationships. At the end, everyone left full of knowledge … and food!

If you missed it, don’t worry! Just watch for the details about the 2018 Summer Safety Academy, destined to be better than ever.

Spoiler Alert: Reunification App on the Horizon for 2018!

We are working with over half a dozen school districts compiling information about their current reunification practices. Through the experiences, input and feedback of these districts, along with consultations with safety experts and other research, we are developing tools to effectively support reunification in its various forms. Our development team is working diligently to streamline critical points within any reunification process to help simplify and facilitate your efforts. Reunification can be a complex process and we know many schools struggle to plan and practice. Our goal in 2018 is to support your efforts through learning, sharing information and leading practices and through a Reunification Module inside the NaviGate Prepared app and website. Stay tuned!

A few more sneak peaks into 2018:

  • Drill Scenarios will continue to grow.
  • Our developers are currently working on a better integration with Safety Plans.
  • New call list interface and additional features inside NaviGate Prepared
  • For ease of access, we are working on a single sign-on for Clever users.

A Special Thanks!

“We are honored to walk with you on your journey to create a culture of safety in your schools and an environment conducive to learning. Your willingness to share your stories, your challenges and your successes is truly inspiring and makes us all better. Thank you for all you do and for allowing us to be part of it.”

Thom Jones

General Manager

Thanks to all of you for putting you and your school’s trust in NaviGate Prepared – and see you in 2018! Learn more about Navigate Prepared and how it is now a part of Navigate 360, and updates from Navigate Prepared.

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