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Safety at the School & Workplace During the Pandemic

Managing today’s challenges in school and workplace safety can overwhelm even the most seasoned safety professional. Personal stress related to COVID-19, financial insecurity and societal tensions can burden any individual’s mental wellbeing, raising the stakes for potential violent and related behaviors in public settings.

Businesses, schools and communities wrestle with finding the best ways to mitigate the risk for the violent behavior that may arise from these stressors. The good news: The proper technology, people and processes can come together to tackle these issues to form a complete culture of safety, from prevention to recovery.

A Modern Approach

Today’s dynamo of social and economic change demands a truly modern approach to safety. But what does a “modern approach” to safety mean?

Here, Navigate360 CEO JP Guilbault talks to EHS Today about how COVID-19 and other social issues are shaping a new culture in which the latest technologies and most comprehensive, action-oriented training programs are critical to achieving safe community settings.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Society at large – and schools and workplaces specifically – do not have ‘one-size-fits-all’ sets of norms. Each company and each school employs its own set of standards to address a wide range of challenges, and safety planners are tasked with developing sound security measures that keep these unique principles in mind.

Implementing safety programs in a way that connects people with one another at the fingertip-device level enables them to respond quickly and communicate effectively during an emergency. We hope you find this podcast helpful as you consider ways to strengthen and streamline safety initiatives in your communities.

Safety Leadership in Motion

We also look forward to seeing you at EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference, which will take place online November 10–12, 2020. We’ll be conducting a live virtual workshop and inviting safety leaders like you to learn modern ways to enhance your culture of safety. Register for the 2020 Safety Leadership Conference today!

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