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Pandemic Response

Remote Training Seminar

Replacing Panic with Planning

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Modernizing building facilities and processes for a pandemic state.

Why Attend This?

If creating a plan for reopening of schools after the initial response to the COVID-19 public health pandemic sounds daunting, you’re not alone. Schools everywhere are being forced to reconsider how to perform their daily operations in a way that’s safe for both students and building staff. On top of that, those changes will lead to new challenges for managing emergency safety. It’s a lot to think about without an expert guiding the way.

The right emergency management program identifies tools and technology to help schools streamline emergency communication and ensure accountability despite new protocols and a very different looking school day. Now, your program should also address scenarios like capturing thermometer data as a part of visitor management as well as social distancing rules for staff and students.

In one half-day virtual session with industry experts, participants learn the role technology plays in providing an efficient and systematic approach to day-to-day functions. This includes scheduling and logging emergency drills, updating plans and complying with law enforcement, simplifying the reunification process and enabling critical communication between staff and administrators. You’ll learn to confidently create a plan for continued education and school services with tracking, accountability, and agility.

We designed this virtual seminar for: 


This seminar gives K-12 schools guidance for modernizing their buildings and processes to balance the needs of various populations all while ensuring the highest level of safety.

What You Learn

Seminar participants will learn:

  • Specific Safety Planning & Assessment programs for COVID-19
  • How to continue education during closures and building disruptions
  • Guidelines to consider when reopening the school buildings
  • Additional best practices that enhance your ability to comply with new state rules
  • How to establish a plan to maintain education delivery in the event of a government stay-home order
  • How to create a plan for modernizing buildings, records access, processes, remote learning, and more to better manage another potential public health crisis

Why It’s Important

The pandemic has shifted school operations and their approach to emergency response. Schools have to balance the needs of various populations while ensuring the highest level of safety. With remote training, you’ll learn about programs and technology that maintain high levels of safety and preserve the delivery of education for students and families.

The Navigate 360 Difference

When you replace panic with planning, your team moves forward with confidence. Navigate360 remote training seminar helps you become well-versed in programs and technology needed to navigate the road ahead.

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