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Unpacking the Suite360 Social-Emotional Curriculum

Unlike some SEL programs used in schools, Suite360 offers age-appropriate content and scaffolded lessons for each grade band. The lessons are developmentally appropriate for each age group and build upon lessons learned in the previous grade band. As the curriculum progresses, lesson content, imagery, and activities reflect the evolution of students as they mature. Suite360 is aligned with the five core competencies outlined by CASEL and each grade band features unique lessons that grow and mature with students. There are no recycled lessons between grade bands, meaning even if lesson topics are the same, each grade band features a unique lesson.

When you use Suite360’s social-emotional curriculum, you enable students to learn and grow with curriculum relevant to their age. Read more below to discover how Suite360’s unique, age-appropriate, and scaffolded learning provides suitable SEL for all students:

Suite360 Scaffolded Curriculum

Suite360 for Preschool

Social-emotional learning in preschool is every bit as important as learning the alphabet. Suite360’s lessons for preschoolers help them to master basic emotional regulation and learn how to communicate in social situations. Interactive lessons include vocabulary and an online flipbook featuring fun characters. Check out the Suite360 for Preschool highlight reel:

Suite360 for K-2

In the lower elementary grades, students begin to develop basic social skills that they will continue to build upon as they grow. Suite360’s K-2 lessons help very young students to build resiliency through exploration of relevant topics in an age-appropriate manner. These lessons feature animated characters who represent a diverse and inclusive spectrum of individuals. Lessons are interactive and feature game-style activities as well as vocabulary and an exploration of concepts. Learn more by viewing the Suite360 for K-2 highlight reel:

Suite360 for Grades 3-5

Upper elementary students continue to learn and grow in their social-emotional skills, and Suite360’s lessons continue to teach relevant concepts to bolster this process. Lessons examine SEL on a slightly deeper level, building on the lessons learned in earlier grades. The look and feel of these lessons reflect the growing sophistication of upper elementary students and include interactive game-style activities as well as vocabulary. View the Suite360 for Grades 3-5 highlight reel to learn more:

Suite360 for Grades 6-8

By the time they reach middle school, students have developed many of the basic social-emotional skills they need to be successful. Suite360 lessons for Grades 6-8 build on these skills in a way that is appropriate for this age group. The lessons and accompanying videos feature both animated characters and real people, providing instruction and opportunities for practicing more nuanced skills. Topics include social media and setting boundaries, which are critical issues for this age group. Check out the highlight video for Suite360 for Grades 6-8 and see:

Suite360 for Grades 9-12

As students move through the final years of their secondary education, they still need to develop social-emotional skills. Learning about identity, confidence, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and more will help these students, who are on the cusp of adulthood and all it entails. Lessons feature both real and animated people and dive deeper into emotions, self-reflection, and problem-solving. View the highlights for Suite360 for Grades 9-12 to learn more:

Florida-Specific Suite360 Curriculum

Schools and districts in the state of Florida approach character education differently. Navigate360 has developed a Florida-specific Suite360 curriculum that meets state requirements and includes Character Education, Resiliency Education, and Prevention Education. Lessons are still broken out by grade band and scaffolded to meet the needs of growing students as they move through the educational system. Learn about Suite360’s Florida-specific curriculum in the highlight video:

Suite360 for Educators and Families

In addition to the developmentally-appropriate lessons provided in each level, Suite360 offers teacher companion guides that include comprehensive lesson plans to facilitate learning. Schools can also include families by assigning family lessons to be completed at home and sharing family resources. Family lessons are also available in Spanish and family resources are available in multiple languages to support bilingual families.

Suite360 remains committed to providing scaffolded, developmentally-appropriate social-emotional learning to students at all grade levels. Our curriculum reflects the wide variety of experiences lived by today’s students, including cultural, racial, ethnic, and familial representation. Social-emotional learning is critical to student success, both academically and psychologically, and Suite360 addresses this learning so that students can grow socially, emotionally, and academically. For more information schedule a consultation!

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