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Justin is currently a full-time police officer for Oswego Police Department in Oswego, IL. He has been an Officer for since 2001 and was an SRO for 5 of those years and instructing a duel credit criminal justice class at the high school for 5 years. Besides his SRO assignment, he is also a Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, a Rapid Deployment Instructor, Rescue Task Force Instructor, Taser Instructor, Knife Fighting Instructor, OC instructor, Juvenile Officer, Bike Officer, Evidence Technician and Honor Guard Member. Justin was one of the first responders at the Henry Pratt Shooting in Aurora Illinois on 2/14/2019. Prior to transferring to Oswego, Justin was a member of the NIPAS EST WMD team for three years. He has his BA in Law Enforcement Justice Administration and Marketing from Western Illinois University. In 2013 was given the Life Saving award and was recognized in Springfield Illinois with a certificate from the Illinois House of Representatives for his actions. Justin has been a National Adjunct Trainer instructing the Certified ALICE Instructor course with Navigate360 since 2013. Justin has been an Alice instructor since 2013.”