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School Safety Management System & Plan

Why Navigate360 Emergency Management Suite

Emergencies can strike any day, any time. Drills and other preparation helps, but without a proactive technology and systematic approach to safety management, your staff is left with disjointed plans that may not work as intended in critical moments.

Partnering with a safety expert equips your team before, during and after an emergency. But don’t wait – making a decision now could avoid danger later. 

What Is An Emergency Management Plan?

An emergency management plan is a document that outlines a school’s specific list of actions to complete during unique emergency situations. It assigns responsibilities to staff, students, parents and even first responders. The plan provides structure and can set expectations for people before an unexpected event occurs in or around their school. 

In addition to including a list of every possible emergency and the required actions for each, a robust emergency management plan also includes: 

  • Emergency contacts (police, fire/EMS, hospitals, poison control, etc.)
  • Utility company contacts (electric, gas, water, health department, etc.)
  • Disaster drill schedules
  • Building map (with fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguisher locations)
  • Building system control panel and shut-off valve locations
  • Additional items as necessary for each school

Why An Emergency Management Plan Is Important For Your School

A school safety disaster management plan provides the entire school community with peace of mind. Knowing that the school is investing time, energy and resources into a plan that protects and equips students and staff is assuring to parents who send their kids into the building five days a week. Having a plan – and knowing your team is on the same page – also gives staff confidence to perform their roles and responsibilities during an emergency.

Reunification is a significant aspect of school emergency management. Schools must be able to provide a compassionate and reliable reunification experience that reduces anxiety and wait times for students and their families. K-12 administrators will want to pay close attention to these details in their emergency plans, and consider what additional technology or other resources are necessary to improve the process for all involved.

Struggles of Emergency Plans 

Emergency plans only succeed when everyone in your organization knows what they are, where they are and how to use them. Here are a few common struggles schools face with emergency plan execution.

Hard to Remember the Plan for Every Emergency

Remembering unique plans for multiple emergencies can be tricky, especially for staff members who work in different parts of the building throughout the day. Imagine an elementary music teacher who travels from room to room. In the event of an emergency, he or she must be able to quickly remember the plan for that specific event in that specific location in the building. All the while protecting a class full of children. 

Whether it’s a fire, tornado or an intruder, staff must have immediate access to plans for each unique emergency situation. Memory is not enough to ensure their safety or that of the students. 

Keeping Track of Successful & Unsuccessful Drills

Drills help students, staff and administrators know how to respond appropriately in an emergency situation. They are required by state and local authorities, too, so accurate planning and record-keeping is important to show that the school is prepared. Drill records also capture the necessary changes schools make when drills are unsuccessful. 

Planning an ongoing drill schedule is a tedious task in itself. Add the requirements of keeping clean, detailed records for legal reasons, and it’s a lot to add to one person’s plate. For collaboration and compliance, digital records are easy to create and manage, and can be used in reporting (for one building or district-wide) with the click of a button. 

Reunification without Digital Attendance Records 

If a building keeps only paper attendance records, someone is responsible for bringing those records outside during an evacuation. When faced with a violent critical incident or natural disaster, remembering what to take out of the building isn’t the first priority – protecting ourselves and others is. These records are critical in the emergency management process as they help administrators account for everyone present that day. 

Risking your ability to resolve emergency situations is completely avoidable if you have digital attendance records. With the right technology, integrated records and emergency contact information helps staff account for everyone and manage reunification efficiently.

Other Plan Pitfalls

These struggles with emergency plans lead to confusing drill logs, hesitant staff, disjointed communication and unreliable records. A comprehensive safety management system is the best way to combat the above-mentioned pitfalls. 

The most effective way to maximize your district’s emergency preparedness initiatives and build confidence in school safety is the Navigate360 School Emergency Management Suite.  

Navigate360 Emergency Management Suite

Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite equips your school with comprehensive technology designed to manage safety protocols efficiently. Seamless integration with SIS and Navigate360 platforms gives you everything you need to streamline your response effort:

  • drill management
  • integrated reunification tools
  • secure communication between staff
  • step-by-step procedure outlines

The suite puts critical information at your staff’s fingertips, making them proactively involved in safety. Our future-forward solution helps schools prevent violence, improve first responder response time and keep staff aligned with emergency procedures.  

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Maximize your district’s emergency preparedness initiatives and build confidence in school safety.

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