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Safety Software Puts School Safety First

It’s no secret the school safety and security market is saturated with software solutions, which can make finding the right solution for your needs, challenging.

Among chief concerns, school safety professionals need a solution that is cutting-edge and fully adaptable with today’s K-12 landscape. But, where do you begin?

In 2016, Kevin Richmiller, director of technology at St. Charles Public School District in Missouri, was tasked with ensuring his district was fitted with the best safety technology possible.

Key Factors in Identifying Safety Software Solutions

Following a detailed assessment of his district’s existing emergency plans and security measures, Kevin determined that his district’s security was adequate. However, he identified a need for safety software that focused on centralized communication. He knew he needed something scalable and intuitive that would offer emergency preparation and plans for fires, tornadoes and active intruder situations.

He wanted the software solution to truly focus on safety, with features such as:

  • Instant Notification – the ability to easily and efficiently notify stakeholders of an emergency, specifically in an intruder situation.
  • Student Information System Integration – a way for faculty and staff to instantly access shared student information to eliminate confusion and save time in an emergency.
  • Instructions for Any Emergency – a platform that would allow faculty and staff access to detailed, step-by-step instructions for any given emergency.
  • First Responder Connectivity – the ability to communicate and share important information between the district and local first responders.
  • Reportable Data – the option to easily compile and submit safety data for use in meeting required compliance regulations, including school building drill logs and a consistent district-wide drill reporting system.

To get all that he hoped for, Kevin sought a solution that encompassed each of these time- and life-saving features. And, after analyzing his options, the solution Kevin felt truly put safety first was NaviGate Prepared.

Although NaviGate hasn’t been in place at St. Charles long, to date, it has successfully delivered on all of the district’s needs – and then some. For example, when referring to NaviGate Prepared’s customer service, product training and implementation, Kevin says:

“I have worked with a lot of different companies to integrate either with our student information system or other systems, and the support at NaviGate Prepared is the best support I have ever worked with. Every time we had a suggestion or recommendation they were totally open to it. I can provide critical feedback and NaviGate Prepared takes the steps necessary to implement many of those changes.”

Get all the details on how St. Charles Public School District uses NaviGate Prepared to put safety first by checking out Kevin’s story on Upshot.

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