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JP Guilbault Shares Data-Driven Solutions for School Safety

Navigate360 CEO JP Guilbault sat down with Dr. Steven Miletto on the Teaching Learning Leading K12 podcast to delve into Navigate360’s commitment to build a future where zero incidents of violence or harm occur on school campuses. Learn more about how Navigate360 has used data and technology to develop a suite of modern, holistic solutions for school safety.

This story originally appeared on the Teaching Learning Leading K12 audio podcast on March 30, 2023. Listen to the full episode here.

JP Guilbault- Navigate360: Providing Safety Solutions for Schools

Episode 551 of Teaching Learning Leading K12 audio podcast

Steven Miletto

Over the last three decades, JP Guilbault has used data, technology and modern solutions to protect and advance causes for vulnerable and underserved communities. These efforts across schools, faith-based organizations and nonprofits have given JP the experience and perspective needed to address his most important mission: creating safe spaces that save lives.

As chief executive officer and father of 5, JP leads with an unwavering belief in this simple truth: every child should be able to experience each school day without fear. His passionate team includes safety and education leaders, data scientists and analysts, dedicated customer experience professionals and others who ensure K-12 schools and the communities that support them have the expertise needed to build safe and supportive learning environments for students, teachers and staff.

The unmatched strength of this multidisciplinary team, coupled with trend and sentiment data across the safety and wellness, protects more than 14 million people annually.

As the premier provider of safety solutions for schools, leading to enhanced student wellbeing. Navigate360’s programs and solutions work in close concert with each other to flag concerning, at-risk behavior, so that when seconds matter, steps to prevent or mitigate violent incidents can be implemented. Everything they do is focused on saving lives.

The Ultimate Guide to Whole-Child Safety, Wellness & Success in in K-12 Schools

Students can’t reach their full academic potential unless they feel safe and supported at school. Navigate360’s school safety solutions provide you with accessible, integrated tools necessary to save and enhance lives.

Download our guide to learn how Navigate360’s full spectrum of school safety solutions, including mental health and wellness, threat detection and prevention, and safety management and preparedness, work together to foster a safe and positive school culture.

Use this guide to learn how to detect, manage and prevent threats to your school’s safety. Navigate360’s school safety and wellness solutions enable you to support mental health and character development of students and staff alike.

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