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How to Avoid Teacher Burnout with SEL

The importance of student mental health cannot be overstated — this is a sentiment that most education professionals can agree on. But what about the mental health and wellness of educators and other school staff members? Today’s teachers are facing a surge of behavioral and social issues in students, in addition to contending with staff shortages, remote learning protocols and a host of COVID-19-related stressors. Educators across the country are feeling emotionally fatigued and physically drained and are leaving the profession as a result. 

The consequences of poor mental health among teachers extend far beyond the classroom. Research shows that 27% of today’s teachers report symptoms of depression, compared to 10% of adults who are not teachers. How can school districts support teachers’ mental health and wellness while also supporting the social, emotional and mental health of their students? Providing social-emotional learning (SEL) resources and development for teachers and school staff helps them develop healthy social-emotional and mental healthcare skills so they can better meet the needs of their students.  

SEL is recognized as a critical component of childhood development and an important aspect of K12 school curriculum. It’s also a beneficial tool for teachers who continually face difficult situations in the classroom. Lessons that focus on social-emotional skills help learners develop positive self-identities, empathize with individuals who are different from them and build healthy relationships.  

How Can Social-Emotional Learning Support Teachers’ Mental Health?

Teachers haven’t been trained on the skills to handle the complex emotions of students while managing their own feelings, anxieties and struggles and meeting state and federal academic requirements. Through SEL for K12 staff, educators can equip themselves for professional and personal success while creating a healthy space for students to learn and grow. In that regard, the benefits of SEL are two-fold: Teachers have a more positive outlook of themselves and their profession, which in turn means they are better equipped to help students thrive socially, emotionally and academically. The result is a lower risk of teacher burnout and more encouraging school environments. 

Navigate360 has responded to the growing need for educator support with a one-of-a-kind SEL program for school staff. SEL for Staff empowers educators and other school personnel with professional development to help address the complex issues they face today, all while aligning with student and adult wellness lessons to maximize program effectiveness and improve the school climate.  

Thoughtfully designed for school districts of various sizes and populations, Navigate360’s SEL for Staff includes web-based and mobile lessons built to support staff members’ social, emotional and mental health. SEL lessons help educators, counselors and other school personnel handle common school-related stressors and process feelings in a healthy manner. Specifically, SEL for Staff helps teachers lead or facilitate lessons on delicate topics they likely have not been trained to teach, while the adult wellness lessons focus on the educator’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing with an emphasis on self-care. When teachers are better able to care for themselves, their students benefit.  

Some of the engaging topics include: 

  • The Foundations of Social-Emotional Learning 
  • A Mental Balancing Act 
  • Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher 
  • Bouncing Back-Developing Resilience 
  • Choosing to be Grateful and Optimistic 
  • Compassion and Empathy 
  • Destress for Success 
  • What Do You Really See? 
  • When You Don’t See Danger 
  • What Will I Do? 
  • Up Against the Clock 
  • I’m Not Trained for This 

The societal and cultural challenges teachers face are constantly evolving. Navigate360 SEL evolves to focus on today’s challenges, constantly adding relevant lessons and employing the latest strategies to ensure meaningful professional development for educators and staff. These lessons are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of school districts and account for varying challenges that different communities face. Simply put, we don’t believe in impersonal, cookie-cutter solutions. 

With Navigate360 SEL for Staff, teachers and staff members can easily access digital lessons and resources on any device, including their personal smartphones. This accessibility allows school professionals to view our curriculum in private and when it works for their busy schedules.

How We Can Help

Teachers are the backbone of the education system, and a large body of research suggests healthy, happy teachers are essential to ensuring quality student education. Help minimize the risk of teacher burnout, improve job retention and create a more positive school climate with Navigate360 SEL for StaffLearn more.   

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