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Benefits of ALICE Training® Extend Beyond the Classroom

The possibility of an active shooter event is unthinkable, and establishing a game plan for such a scenario can be a difficult subject to discuss. But as unpleasant as it might be to consider, the alternative could be far worse.

In response to a growing need for alternative response strategies for active shooter incidents, the ALICE Training® program was born. ALICE is the original civilian active shooter response program, developed to improve mindful decision-making during incidents, increasing chances of survival. Developed with input from law enforcement, educators, and administrators, the ALICE Training® program has been designed to be applicable in any violent situation, with life skills and strategies participants can apply beyond the school walls.

Unlike a traditional lockdown response to an active shooter incident, ALICE Training® empowers individuals to take part in their own survival, learning to be proactive in the face of violence. Additionally, with ALICE Training®, there is no reliance on gadgets or conditions required for training to be effective. Participants learn options-based responses that utilize whatever resources are available to them and adaptable to evolving situations. That means that the lessons learned in ALICE are not centered around the school itself, and can be applied anywhere, quickly and easily.

What Is ALICE?

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) active shooter response training is a program designed to empower students, teachers, staff, and all other participants with the tools and strategies they need to increase their chances of survival in a potentially deadly incident. To date, ALICE Training® has been implemented in more than 5,500 school districts nationwide, with support from published, peer-reviewed research, as well as a wide range of education and law enforcement professionals. Additionally, ALICE incorporates key pieces that aren’t found in other active shooter responses:

Instruction From Certified Professionals

ALICE instructors undergo an extensive certification process, ensuring a deep understanding of the curriculum and strategies they present. As subject matter experts, they’ll also help tailor response plans to the environment of their schools and communities, ensuring optimal delivery of training materials and maximum effectiveness and retention.

Proven Strategies

At the heart of ALICE Training® is a belief in evidence-based strategies designed with scientific and expert support. The lesson plans found in ALICE have been extensively developed by respected professionals and experts in both education and law enforcement, and as studies are published, and the body of research on active shooter incidents grows, ALICE Training® will continue to adapt and incorporate the latest proven methodology.

Appropriate for Any Age & Ability

Preparing for an active shooter incident at a school means considering the needs of all students across all grade levels. But, with the emotional, social, and mental needs and capabilities of students varying across both age and grade levels, a boilerplate curriculum would be at best ineffective, and at worst, disastrous.

ALICE Training® addresses this issue with lesson plans based on age and grade level as well as the cognitive, physical and emotional level of each student. Instruction features age- and ability-appropriate programs and strategies, mirroring the in-school training students undergo for many other crucial life skills, such as stranger danger, fire, or tornado drills. Plus, ALICE features blended training, so individuals receive both hands-on practice and digital instruction. With easy-to-use eLearning materials and lessons plans for educators, students can more easily consume, retain and recall the training during an emergency.

Strategies Designed to Be Flexible

Unlike other active shooter response training programs, participants in ALICE Training® learn a range of strategies that do not require gadgets or specific circumstances to be effective. While traditional lockdowns rely on school buildings for protection like doors and door locking devices, there are many areas of the school in which that isn’t possible—such as the open space of a gymnasium, media center, or cafeteria. ALICE Training® teaches students to maintain situational awareness and alter their responses based on the current environment and information. Instead of a single strategy for all circumstances, ALICE teaches students to find the best course of action specific to their proximity to danger and the environment at the time.

Training That Builds Confidence

The skills that students learn in ALICE Training® encourage them to take a proactive role in their survival, engendering confidence in their ability to respond to stressful situations appropriately. In contrast to the traditional school lockdown, ALICE Training® empowers students to participate in their own survival and alter their strategy as conditions evolve.

Helping Students Feel Empowered with ALICE Training®

The life skills that students learn during ALICE Training® could be what makes the difference in an active shooter incident. It may be difficult to consider the fact that schools need an evidence-informed active shooter response these days, but with the proper strategy in place, students and staff can have more confidence in their ability to respond to a threat no matter where they are when they become an unwilling participant in acts of violence.

ALICE Training® can help provide that peace of mind and give participants the tools they need in dangerous situations. In fact, a recent study on the psychological impact of multi-option training shows that across 4th-12th grade, at least 88% of students reported no change or increases in feelings of safety after ALICE Training® —with life skills they can apply anywhere. Click here to learn more.

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