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Dr. Cornell & CSTAG Training

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dr. Dewey Cornell, an internationally-known psychologist and expert on youth violence and school security, to include his violence prevention protocol in K-12 school software.  This makes our Behavioral Threat Assessment Manager the only threat assessment software that fully incorporates the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) which Dr. Cornell developed at the University of Virginia through years of research in schools. Unlike other school threat assessments, the CSTAG model takes a problem-solving approach to violence prevention with an emphasis on avoiding the errors of overreaction and under-reaction to student threats.

Dr. Dewey Cornell and CSTAG model

The addition of CSTAG into our Behavior Threat Assessment Manager provides school officials with a rigorously-evaluated approach combined with software that guides them step-by-step through the process of identifying, assessing, and intervening when a threat has been made. No other threat assessment model has demonstrated effectiveness in controlled studies. The CSTAG model helps school officials determine when a threat needs to be elevated or can be resolved with the complementary goals of helping troubled students and keeping schools safe. Additionally, the model makes minimal use of school exclusion and reserves law enforcement intervention for only the most serious cases.

Multiple studies have found that schools using CSTAG do not produce racial or ethnic disparities in disciplinary consequences or law enforcement actions.

Implementing the CSTAG model through our interactive software, members of school threat assessment teams can document and assess each case, facilitating easier collaboration amongst team members and more effectively implementing harm reduction plans for at-risk students. For school districts, the software allows district officials to track and monitor ongoing cases across multiple schools and easily retain records electronically. Additionally, the software can help schools comply with new regulations in multiple states that require the transfer of records across schools.

JP Guilbault            CEO, Navigate360

“Time after time, we’ve heard the warning signs that come to light only after a tragedy has occurred. By partnering with Dr. Cornell and incorporating the CSTAG model into our Behavior Threat Assessment Manager software, we’re providing schools with a science-backed approach that allows them to leverage data to analyze and holistically respond to possible threats,” said JP Guilbault, our CEO. “With a focus on helping students in distress and putting them on the correct path, the CSTAG approach has been shown to reduce suspensions and improve students’ overall wellbeing at school.”

“By leveraging technology to help school districts effectively implement and follow the CSTAG model, we can help schools across the country reduce behavioral incidents, improve school climate, and prevent violence,” remarked Dr. Dewey Cornell. “Across multiple studies involving thousands of cases, 99% of threats managed with CSTAG were not carried out.  This new software will allow schools to use the CSTAG model with greater efficiency, fidelity, and effectiveness.”

The Navigate360 teams and Dr. Cornell are working on additional ways to help schools successfully support students and create safe environments we they can thrive. Interested in other ways to support student in their environment, read why Michael Dorn is shedding light on the Significance of Scenarios.

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