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Navigate360 to Provide CSTAG Training to the Department of Defense Education Activity’s 160 Schools Worldwide

Leader in K-12 school safety and student wellness solutions will facilitate the international implementation of Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) training and related eLearning to 160 DoDEA schools serving more than 66,000 students worldwide

RICHFIELD, OHIO (August 1, 2023) Navigate360, the nation’s leader in K–12 school safety and student wellness solutions, has been selected to provide Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) training and related eLearning to the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) 160 schools, serving 66,000 students in eight districts located in 11 foreign countries, seven states and two territories. The evidence-based and nationally recognized training model aligns with DoDEA’s holistic approach to safety and wellness, providing a safer environment for students to succeed and achieve.

“Holistic threat management, including threat assessment, is proven to mitigate targeted violence and suicide, and we are proud to partner with the Department of Defense Education Activity for this initiative,” said JP Guilbault, Chief Executive Officer of Navigate360. “Critical to any emergency preparedness plan and threat management process is training, and our expertise in CSTAG and other methodologies to mitigate and stop threats is unique. We look forward to working with DoDEA to effectively train staff in 11 countries across the world–a meaningful impact.”

Proactive measures around early threat detection, suicide risk assessment and violence prevention support DoDEA’s vision of excellence in education for every student, every day, everywhere.

CSTAG is a recognized evidence-based approach to school threat assessment, and utilizes a multidisciplinary team of school administrators, law enforcement officials, mental health professionals and other relevant stakeholders. This team is responsible for reviewing information and conducting a thorough assessment of the threat, including the individual making the threat, the type of threat and the potential for harm.

In contrast to zero-tolerance practices that call for automatic punishment without consideration of the circumstances and severity of the misbehavior, the CSTAG model considers the social context of the incident as well as the student’s intent and developmental maturity. Based on the results, the team takes the appropriate action to prevent harm to self or others and create safer schools.

“Threat assessment teams are problem solvers—their goal is to help the student look at non-violent ways to solve their problem. By incorporating a contextual approach, teams respond proportionately to the nature and seriousness of the situation and minimize the use of exclusionary discipline. Schools using threat assessment show a marked decline in the use of school suspension and rarely expel a student,” said Dr. Dewey Cornell, forensic clinical psychologist and principal author of the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines. “Our peer-reviewed studies involving thousands of schools have shown that CSTAG is safe and effective, with equitable outcomes for students with disabilities.”

By equipping teams with CSTAG training, DoDEA schools are promoting safety, preventing violence, and creating a positive school culture.

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About Navigate360

Navigate360 is the premier provider of safety solutions for schools, leading to enhanced student wellbeing. For more than 20 years, our multifaceted, layered approach—providing everything from curricula that support positive behavior and self-image to campus physical safety and personnel training—has focused on incident prevention. Empowering people, schools and communities to stay safe and thrive, Navigate360 serves more than 30,000 schools across the US and more than 14 million students. Recognized as a Certified Great Place to Work, Navigate360 is mission-driven and founded on a data-driven approach to school safety and student wellness. 

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