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​​Navigate360 Announces Pioneering Comprehensive Curriculum Solution for Florida Schools, Addressing Changing Mandates

As a veteran partner to Florida schools, Navigate360’s curriculum meets Florida’s needs and empowers students

RICHFIELD, OHIO (October 5, 2023) –​​ Navigate360, a visionary leader in safety and well-being solutions, announces its swift response to Florida’s evolving curriculum requirements with its Resiliency and Character Education curriculum. The innovative solution aligns with the new mandates set forth by Florida’s Resiliency Education initiative and the State Board of Education’s revisions, which shifts the focus of the five hours of required instruction from mental health to Resiliency Education. Resiliency Education incorporates key skills, including perseverance, gratitude, empathy, and responsibility.

“Navigate360 is committed to upholding educational excellence, as demonstrated by our swift response in equipping Florida schools with a unified resource to fulfill a wide range of curriculum needs,” stated JP Guilbault, CEO of Navigate360. “We take pride in pioneering a holistic curriculum solution that caters to Florida’s evolving educational requirements. Our goal is to empower schools and educators across Florida with next generation curriculum and interactive tools to equip children with the skills and knowledge necessary to reach their full potential.”

Navigate360’s Resiliency and Character Education for Florida students includes the following:

Resiliency Education (6-12):

  • A comprehensive program with 125 lessons meticulously aligned to all the resiliency education standards.
  • Exceeds the 5-hour instructional time requirement mandated by Florida.
  • Offers flexibility for educators to seamlessly integrate the programs into their schedules and routines.
  • Equips educators with Teacher Companion Guides to facilitate accessible and comfortable content delivery.
  • Provides complete instructional materials, eliminating the need for prep time.
  • Includes Family Resources in five languages.

Character Education (K-5):

  • Features 100 lessons aligning with Florida Resiliency standards, preparing students for advanced concepts in later grades (6-12).
  • A comprehensive program covering all Florida character education competencies.
  • Supplies complete instructional materials, eliminating the need for prep time.
  • Offers Family Resources in multiple languages, fostering inclusivity and engagement.
  • Includes flexible implementation design.

“Florida’s more than 4,000 schools are faced with a critical yet difficult task, but they don’t have to do it alone,” said Melissa Ragan, Chief Learning Officer, Navigate360. “Our standards-aligned, research-based curriculum has been developed to equip Florida students with comprehensive lessons and resources, empowering them for what they will encounter now and in the future. Our curriculum assures that Florida’s teachers will have the tools they need to help students respond to challenges they will inevitability face, not only as students but also as adults.”

Navigate360’s forward-thinking approach comes as a response to the changing educational landscape in Florida. The State’s Board of Education recently approved rule revisions that pivot from Mental Health Instruction requirements to a comprehensive framework emphasizing Resiliency Education, Civic and Character Education, and Life Skills Education. Click here to learn more about Florida’s initiative. Navigate360’s curriculum solution aids Florida Superintendents, Principals, Counselors, Curriculum Directors, and Student Services Directors in aligning their programs with the new state standards.

Visit our Resilience Education Program to learn more.

About Navigate360

Navigate360 is the premier provider of safety solutions for schools, leading to enhanced student well-being. With more than 20 years of experience, our multifaceted, layered approach—providing everything from curricula that support positive behavior and self-image to campus physical safety and personnel training—focuses on incident prevention. Currently, more than 14 million students are attending schools using Navigate360 solutions. To learn more, visit

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