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Threat Assessment Training

Equip staff to identify concerns and intervene early

Prepare all those who work with students to support those who pose a risk to themselves or others.

  • Identify students and situations that raise concern.
  • Gather information and facts to assess the risk of violence
  • Develop intervention and management strategies to support students and prevent violence.
Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Get to Know Behavioral Threat Assessment Training

National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) Team Training

CSTAG Training

  • Training that prepares your teams to implement the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) model with high fidelity
  • Developed in partnership with Dr. Dewey Cornell
  • 2-part program that combines online and in-person learning

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NTAC Training

  • Training that prepares your teams to conduct threat assessments with high fidelity
  • Developed in partnership with Dr. Marisa Randazzo and Dr. Margaret Coggins
  • 2-part program that combines online and in-person learning

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Social-Emotional Learning for Staff

What Do Customers Think of Behavioral Threat Assessment Training?

Cindy Hicks

Poway Unified School District

“In listening to the teachers, [with CSTAG] they feel they have another avenue of protection or another resource to use to be able to assist students.”

Training Attendee

“Our teams were excited to have such a comprehensive training program. The asynchronous portion was incredibly engaging and informative. Being able to then apply the knowledge and work as a team with the live CSTAG trainer was priceless. It’s hard to imagine doing this without this level of training.”

Training Attendee

“Navigate360’s team training program is so thorough. My teammates and I feel prepared to take on this role and help students who are struggling. I definitely recommend the training to all school threat assessment teams.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about Behavioral Threat Assessment Training?

You have questions about behavioral threat assessment training, and we have answers! Use our frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need to help you determine if Behavioral Threat Assessment Training is right for your schools.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is behavioral threat assessment training and why does my school need it?

Effective teams need excellent training. With Navigate360’s behavioral threat assessment training, you can prepare your teams to implement the CSTAG or NTAC models with high fidelity.

Why should we choose Navigate360 for our multidisciplinary team training versus other providers?

Navigate360 is the leader of layered, holistic safety and well-being solutions. By focusing on the challenges school administrators face in keeping students and staff safe, we provide the right mix of products, training, and guidance to help schools implement effective safety, intervention, culture and climate programs towards the achievement of zero incidents.


Creating a Successful Behavioral Threat Assessment Program

It’s difficult to imagine a more essential time to identify and manage those students who may be headed down a path of violence. Eliminate some of the stress and shorten the learning curve as you hear from your peers on how to establish and nurture a successful BTA program. From understanding the vocabulary and gaining buy-in to training and fidelity, we’ll cover all the bases.

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Creating a Successful Behavioral Threat Assessment Program

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Watch as our panel of national experts share insights on hot topics such as the involvement of law enforcement in school behavior threat assessment cases, managing behavioral threat and suicide assessment and intervention, the intersection of special education and threat assessment, and how to develop and monitor management plans and other supports and interventions.

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