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School Risk Assessment

As you look to enhance safety plans for this coming school year, risk assessments must be part of these efforts. Uncover hidden weaknesses, maintain compliance and bring to light existing procedures that can be updated to improve your school’s whole child safety and security measures.
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As the only Expert Service Consultants internationally recognized by AM Best’s Client Recommended Expert Service Providers for Risk Assessments, Navigate360’s team of board-certified Physical Security Professionals (PSPs) are exceptionally qualified to perform your risk assessment and will give you peace of mind to stay focused on your school’s critical safety and security missions.

Our experience is based on a rich history of delivering competent, straightforward risk and resilience assessments and recommendations to schools nationwide.

10 Reasons Why a Certified Professional Should Conduct Your Risk Assessments

Whole child safety takes a whole community. Tools, technology and unbiased, expert knowledge all must be leveraged to gain a deep understanding of how schools are keeping students safe. Here are 10 reasons why you need a certified professional to conduct your risk assessment.

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Remain Compliant With State Requirements

  • We go beyond just physical security; we interview personnel to determine the human element of risk.
  • The assessment includes areas such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), along with more than 80 other security parameters.

Discover the Hidden Risk in Your Schools

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