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ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

Be prepared to respond to emergencies.

Empower students and staff to survive in the face of violence with ALICE Active Shooter Response Training, the original civilian active shooter response training program.

ALICE Active Shooter Training
ALICE is an options-based approach active shooter training

Options-Based Approach

Strengthen your standardized response protocol and playbooks with a recognized approach for addressing violent emergencies: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

Designed by Educators & Experts

Leverage our 20+ years of experience to empower, prepare, and protect every individual on your campus, no matter where they are.

Active Shooter Training Designed by Educators & Experts
ALICE: Blended Training Model

Blended Training Model

Start online with an on-demand lesson library and continue in person with trauma-informed, interactive training.

Based on Age and Ability

Use our K-12 lesson plans customized to children’s age, cognitive, behavioral and developmental ability levels.

Active Shooter Training Based on Age & Ability
Trauma Informed Active Shooter Training


Training is trauma-informed, guided by the four R’s: Realize the effects of trauma, Recognize the signs of trauma, Respond to students using trauma-informed practices, and Resist re-traumatization during drills.

Give Students & Staff the Knowledge They Need

Discover how the ALICE research-based active shooter response program empowers students and staff to respond and survive in the face of violence.

Download our free guide to learn more.

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Alice Active Shooter Training to Ensure Compliance

Ensures Compliance

Provide required regular trainings that ensure everyone in your school is prepared and empowered.

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training Instructor Certification

Instructor Certification

Attend an ALICE Certified Instructor 2-day class, and help your community become safer and more prepared.

Improve school violence prevention and awareness.

Connect with a Navigate360 safety and well-being expert to discuss your active shooter response training program needs.

Set a course for zero incidents.

Take a layered, holistic approach to school safety with Navigate360 technology, training, and guidance to move you closer to your goal.

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