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Navigate360's School Visitor Management System

A Visitor Management System for Schools to Maximize Front Office Efficiency Without the Need for Bulky, Expensive Hardware
School Visitor Management System | Navigate360

In today’s world, establishing a safe and secure environment is a top priority for all schools. A crucial component of maintaining this safety is a school visitor management system that allows schools to screen visitors and identify potential threats.

A visitor management system for schools can streamline the check-in process, improving efficiency and reducing wait times for parents, visitors, and staff. This ensures that schools are better equipped to detect and prevent security breaches before they escalate, ultimately creating a safer environment for all. By using Navigate360’s Visitor Management System, schools can demonstrate their commitment to safety while fostering a welcoming environment.

School Visitor Management System Guide

Learn More About Keeping Your Campus Secure with Navigate360’s Visitor Management System for Schools

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The Danger of Misusing a School Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Systems for schools are designed to serve two main purposes. First, they are supposed to track people who have been vetted and allowed to enter the building. Second, they deny entry to those who are not permitted to enter the building, such as anyone without valid identification, individuals denied entry to the school based on previous behavior and sex offenders. Problems arise when VMS providers, front office staff or school visitors do not use the tool correctly, leaving the campus vulnerable. Three common ways a VMS can fail are:

  1. Prioritizing convenience over security.
    VMS providers letting schools put their product in the lobby and allowing visitors to input their own information is a dangerous practice. This type of setup does not prevent visitors from entering fictitious names, using other people’s identification or lying about their reason for being on campus when registering. If school staff rely on incorrect advice given to them by a VMS provider, anybody can print a visitor badge and walk into the school.
  2. Poor service & support.
    Many Visitor Management System providers are great at selling but have poor support when systems stop working. Schools have reported that when their VMS stops working, they must resort to pen and paper, because providers are unresponsive to calls for repair. Poor design and poor support lead to fatigue among staff and impact good security practices.
  3. Visitors view VMS requirements as an inconvenience.
    School systems must get stakeholder buy-in on why the system is so important. Proper vetting procedures being followed can stop a person from entering the building and putting students and staff in danger. All vendors, contractors and volunteers working at a school must be vetted. To not do so opens a school to liability and puts students and staff at risk.

Simplify Safety with Navigate360’s School Visitor Management System

Our Visitor Management platform allows school administrators to keep their students and staff safe, their front office efficient and hardware downtime to a minimum, all while making their school community feel welcome. The streamlined platform increases security and reduces the disruption of visitor check-in by securely and discreetly vetting each campus visitor.

Safer Schools

Safer Schools

Vet those who don’t belong in your building and gain access to real-time visibility of everyone in your building at any time, including during an emergency when details count.

Streamline Efficiency

Streamline Efficiency

Register visitors in just a few clicks, including recording tardy students and printing passes, keeping things moving by eliminating manual processes such as handwritten passes.

Hardware Light

Hardware Light

Cloud-based software with no proprietary hardware required allows for easy, flexible, budget-friendly, and efficient implementation and use.

Continue to welcome the community into your school with less paperwork & more efficiency.

Easy Implementation

Seamless Integration

Cloud-Based Platform

Customizable System

Student Check-In & Early Release

Self-Service Check-In

Implementing Navigate360’s School Visitor Management System

Learn how the platform is quick to implement and requires minimal on-boarding so your front office staff can be up and running swiftly and smoothly.

Ensure Safety with Comprehensive Visibility

Control Visitation
Create custom blocklists, custody instructions, and restrictions with other types of visitation rules for those who pose a risk to staff or students.

Screen Every Visitor
Every visitor is discreetly vetted through the sex offender database and your custom blocklist on each visit.

Stay on Top of Custody
Maintain and access custody instructions at your fingertips through Student Information System (SIS) integration.

Maintain Visibility
Constant, real-time visibility of the visitor dashboard so you always know who is in your buildings and why they are there.

Contact Trace
Reduce infectious disease exposure risk, including COVID-19, in your buildings and promptly facilitate contact tracing, if needed.

Customize Badges
Control information on visitor badges with flexibility to include a picture on each visitor pass with a scan of their driver’s license or via webcam.

Notify Security Discreetly
If a visitor is flagged, your security team is notified via text or email without alarming the visitor.

Visitor Management System for Schools | Know Who is on Campus

Take Your School Visitor Management System to the Next Level

Set the new standard of safety by eliminating school movement silos and integrating visitor, volunteer and emergency management into a single platform. This helps to ensure real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability and improves communication pathways, including those pathways used for reunification during a crisis.

School Visitor Management System to Integrate & Communicate

Integrate & Communicate

Connected systems, including SIS integration, improve information for school verification and provide access to silent panic alerts for real-time communication with first responders. This improves the efficiency of school security processes, including expedited student and family reunification during a crisis.

School Visitor Management System to Build a Culture of Safety

Build a Culture of Safety

Real-time sex offender and criminal background screenings unite with parent/custody restriction reviews and student attendance tracking to enable ongoing oversight of all visitors and students on campus.

School Visitor Management System to Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Prepopulated drills aligned to district and state requirements with approved emergency operation plan (EOP) templates and wizard guidance ensure accurate information entry by school/district personnel as they comply with Department of Education (DOE) requirements and respond to emergencies appropriately.

School Visitor Management System to Oversee Emergencies

Oversee Emergencies

Achieve 360-degree facility views with companion professional site mapping and drawing services, enabling first responders to better assess crisis situations and establish appropriate entry and exit points to maintain physical safety.

Visitor Management System for Schools

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