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Suite360: Student

The most comprehensive character development curriculum that helps students better understand themselves and others.
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An evidence-based social-emotional learning (SEL) program can help students achieve their full potential so they succeed now and in the future.

Scaffolded curriculum with lessons across grades K - 12

Evolving library of courses that tackle today's tough challenges

Evidence-based content aligns with the CASEL framework

Suite360: Student improves student behavioral outcomes, increases school climate ratings and reduces recidivism while delivering fresh, engaging lessons on topics that are important to students today. We provide consistent delivery of social-emotional learning that is fully aligned with the CASEL framework throughout your entire district.

[Webinar] Supporting the Health & Wellbeing of Students Through Social-Emotional Learning

Learn the fundamentals of an effective SEL program, what schools are looking for in SEL, and how to implement a program that stands the test of time.
  • Understand the value SEL brings to your efforts to get students in learning mode
  • Gain insights into the return on investment of an effective SEL program
  • Learn how to help your staff and students manage the lasting effects of the pandemic, including a wide range of emotions, traumatic events and learning loss
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Discover A Revolutionary Approach to Social & Emotional Learning for Students

We offer an evolving and robust library of lessons focused on topics like:

  • Responsible decision-making
  • Social awareness
  • Mental health
  • Self-management
  • Growth mindset
  • Self-awareness
  • Effective communication
  • Academic success
  • Substance abuse
  • Bullying prevention
  • College prep
  • Relationship skills
  • Empathy
  • And hundreds more

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