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Suicide Awareness & Prevention Curriculum

What you know can save a life.
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Prevent student suicide and self-harm incidents with a consistent and comprehensive eLearning curriculum.

Prepare your staff to identify students in crisis & prevent suicide

Authored content by national expert in youth suicide prevention, Dr. Scott Poland

Exceed state mandates & guidelines for suicide prevention

“It’s important that all school personnel know what to look for, what to do, and [how to] work as a team to prevent a student suicide.”

Dr. Scott Poland

National Expert on Suicide Awareness & Prevention

What You Should Know About Youth Suicide

2nd Leading Cause of Death

for children starting at 10 years of age

Every 11 Seconds

someone dies by suicide

4 out of 5

teens who attempt suicide give clear warning signs

Suicide Awareness & Prevention Curriculum Key Features & Benefits

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Prepares Staff to Support Students
  • Provides staff with a consistent language and understanding of suicide and self-harm in students
  • Ensures all staff know what to do and how to implement the referral process when a student displays warning signs
  • Reduces stigma around suicide with a holistic and consistent curriculum
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Expert-Authored Curriculum

Content authored by nationally recognized youth suicide prevention expert Dr. Scott Poland:

  • A licensed psychologist and an internationally recognized expert on youth suicide and school crisis
  • The author of multiple statewide suicide prevention toolkits that align with training
  • As a survivor of the suicide of his father, Dr. Poland has dedicated his life to preventing suicide
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On-Demand eLearning
  • Build and scale your suicide prevention program with consistent education and resources across district
  • Administrators gain visibility and tracking, allowing schools to know that all staff members know what to do, and have fulfilled the state-level education requirements
  • Over 4 hours of engaging eLearning course materials that establish how to build a comprehensive and successful suicide prevention program, identify warning signs, and know the intervention steps through postvention

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Developed in Partnership with Leading Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention Expert

Navigate360 is proud to partner with Dr. Scott Poland, a national expert in suicide awareness & prevention. Dr. Poland lends his decades of experience to both our curriculum and software solutions, helping schools improve student outcomes with comprehensive suicide awareness & risk screening solutions.

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Suicide among students ages 10 and older is hitting epidemic proportions. Be confident you are providing staff with the tools they need to be a resource for students in crisis.

Provide Your Staff with a Scalable & Holistic Approach for Identifying & Supporting Students in Crisis

  • Prepare all staff who interact with students to identify warning signs and understand the appropriate intervention processes
  • Provide staff with the knowledge and confidence that comes from experts in the suicide prevention field
  • Quickly create and set up a suicide prevention process and program to reduce stigma and save lives

Take a Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Student Suicide while Supporting a Safe Environment to Learn, Work & Grow

Combine your suicide awareness & prevention education with proven risk detection, incident reporting, and case management solutions.

Email Scanning Technology

Ethically and proactively identify risk with poweful AI.

P3 Campus: Anonymous Tip Reporting

Provide students, staff, and community members safe ways to share life-saving information.

Behavioral Threat Assessment Case Manager

Manage student cases of intent to harm self with integrity and compassion.

“Do not be afraid of this word: Suicide. Do not be afraid to bring it up and talk about it. If a person is suicidal, it gives them a chance to unburden themselves, know that they’re not the only person to feel this way, and there is help available.”

– Dr. Scott Poland

What you know can save a life – is your staff prepared?

Teachers are burdened with so much more than the education of our future leaders. Reduce their burden and improve their wellbeing with a comprehensive solution to stop concerning behaviors from escalating to tragedy.