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Suite360 Social-Emotional Learning and Restorative Curriculum

The most effective way to improve student behavior, foster mental health and create a more positive school climate.
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Promote and support a positive learning environment with students who succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

Digital curriculum that meets students where they are

Research-based courses, professionally developed and grade-specific

Transform necessary discipline into learning opportunities

Set your district up for success with Suite360, the revolutionary digital program helping students succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

Discover the non-academic success factors students need to thrive emotionally and socially.

The earlier kids learn social and emotional skills, the more successful they will be in school and in life. Implementing social-emotional learning and restorative curriculum throughout your district is the most effective way to provide education beyond reading, writing and arithmetic.

Ensure the Emotional Wellbeing of Students with Age- & Audience-appropriate, Non-academic Curriculum

  • Suite360’s digital curriculum meets the learning preferences of Gen Z & Alpha students by employing visually engaging content and technology via desktop, Web and mobile app design.
  • Content library scaffolded by grade to present information on the growing challenges students face aligned to their developmental level.
  • Digital program allows for consistent, convenient, reliable delivery to all students across the district.

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Research-based, Professionally Developed Library of Lessons on Critical Topics Schools & Students Face Every Day

  • Expertly developed, interactive text- and video-based material that can easily be tailored to achieve desired learning outcomes by states, districts and individual schools.
  • Each lesson module’s content is rooted in at least one of the five CASEL competencies.
  • Social-emotional learning improves school climates, learning and test scores, and the companion parent suite positions parents to be the district’s greatest ally.

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Restorative Intervention Program Turns Discipline Into a Learning Opportunity

  • Detention and suspension do not positively impact student behavior, and in many cases they reward bad behavior; keep students in the classroom where they belong with digital intervention learning.
  • Reduce repeat infractions by helping students learn the consequences of their behavior with empathy and build tolerance through victim advocacy.
  • Help students gain a life-long, positive attitude toward authority, fairness and justice.

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Suite360’s Social-Emotional Learning Key Features

  • Curriculum provides students with age-appropriate lessons scaffolded by grade.
  • Digital reporting and pre- and post- assessments track outcomes and effectiveness of programs.
  • Restorative intervention suite provides lessons to students based on the infraction to reduce recidivism.
  • Customized delivery aligns with district messages and brand.
  • Parent curriculum promotes alignment and support for students from the home to graduation and beyond.
  • Proven success promotes greater respect toward authority and fairness, including increased empathy.

Help Your Teachers Educate Emotionally & Socially Healthy Students from Kindergarten through Post-Graduation

We provide the non-academic curriculum you need to ensure your school climate is setting students up for success academically, emotionally and socially.

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