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School Risk Assessment

The most comprehensive way to identify areas of risk and maintain compliance.
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The first step in helping schools mitigate risk, maintain compliance and create a safer place to learn and work.

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Protect your school and ensure compliance

Analyze and prioritize risk

Recognize and prioritize areas of risk in your school, making critical security updates mindful.

What You Need To Know

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Full Team of Certified Risk Assessors

Navigate360’s risk assessments help you uncover gaps in safety and security before they cause harm.

Our team of professionals arrive on site to assess and deliver a comprehensive report outlining the good, weak and dangerous areas of your school.

Identify & Mitigate Risks

  • We help schools mitigate risk quickly by prioritizing most-needed safety updates.
  • Plan your security updates and investments to solve for critical needs and maximize effectiveness.
  • Reduce safety threats by addressing areas of risk before they cause disruption.

Remain Compliant With State Requirements

  • Our assessors identify areas of risk that schools may overlook.
  • We go beyond just physical security; we interview personnel to determine the human element of risk.
  • The assessment includes areas such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), along with more than 80 other security parameters.
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What Makes Navigate360’s Risk Assessment Effective?

  • Our assessors identify areas of risk that schools may overlook.
  • We help schools mitigate risk quickly by prioritizing the safety updates needed.
  • Get an unbiased view of your school’s safety.
  • Correct issues before they become debilitating hazards.
  • Summarized reports outline gaps and prioritize corrective actions.

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