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School Emergency Management Suite

The smartest way to develop and execute effective safety programs.
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The most effective way to maximize your district’s emergency preparedness initiatives and build confidence in school safety.

Comprehensive safety technology so you can educate with peace of mind

A holistic, reliable system to manage safety and security compliance


Enhance operational efficiency with connected systems

Are you managing your safety protocols & processes as efficiently as you can?

Is Safety a Priority?


of students believe their schools have good communications and access to information about safety


of students believe that their school has a comprehensive plan to deal with an emergency


of students are thinking more about safety now compared to 6 months ago

Discover how our modern technology keeps you focused on the bigger picture and teachers focused on students.

With critical information at their fingertips, your staff members are proactively involved in safety.

Comprehensive Approach to Managing Safety Protocols

  • State-based templates and requirements are built into the system, allowing you to manage your unique needs.
  • Future-forward solutions to help schools prevent violence, improve first responder response time and keep staff aligned with emergency procedures.
  • Efficiently administer safety preparation, document ongoing security measures, practice safety protocols and manage and report on response.

Efficiently Manage Safety & Security Compliance

  • Administer, schedule and log all required safety drills in all buildings across the district.
  • Perform and document any state-required school safety and security audits.
  • Secure communications between staff and administrators during drills and emergencies.

Seamless Integration With SIS & Navigate360 Platforms

  • Quickly access class rosters and account for staff and students by name.
  • Direct first responder resources more effectively with detailed information.
  • Provide a compassionate and reliable reunification experience, automatically matching students and their families to reduce anxiety and wait times.
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Increase Safety, Build Confidence & Enhance Staff Knowledge

  • Streamline communication around safety protocols before, during and post-incident.
  • Empower your teachers with technology at their fingertips.
  • Seamless integration to account for every staff member and student in real time.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Emergency Plans

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