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Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines Training

The most widely adopted behavioral threat assessment training for teams.
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CSTAG training provides the critical foundation for successful threat assessment programs to ensure a climate of safety, respect and support for students and staff.

Most validated threat assessment training

Facilitates improved school environments

Effective team training and alignment

Make sure your team is well-equipped to recognize and provide assistance to distressed students before their problems escalate into violence.

Improved School Environments


of students receiving CSTAG assessments were able to return to their school

of students receiving CSTAG team intervention were expelled

that adopt the CSTAG program report less bullying and greater teacher safety

See How CSTAG Training Provides the Critical Foundation for a Successful Behavioral Threat Assessment Program

As a key component of school safety, CSTAG-trained threat assessment teams help maintain a climate of safety, respect and support for students and staff. Get your free copy of Navigate360’s CSTAG Training overview.
  • Learn how CSTAG improves safety for teachers.
  • Discover how student outcomes are improved.

Discover a better and more aligned approach to keeping students off a path of violence with Navigate360’s CSTAG team training.

Behavioral threat assessment teams address the problem of violence in schools. As one component of an overall strategy, these teams work to create cultures of safety, respect and emotional support.

Most Validated Threat Assessment Training

  • Specific to school threat assessment team needs.
  • Delivered in collaboration with Dr. Dewey Cornell.
  • Blended learning delivery of the 9.5-hour program (Level 1: 8-module eLearning courses; Level 2: Team workshop and virtual training).

Improved School Environment

  • Fewer than 1% of students receiving CSTAG team intervention are expelled.
  • Schools that adopt the CSTAG program report less bullying and greater teacher safety.

Effective Team Training & Alignment

  • Team workshops prepare participants for full implementation.
  • Strategic focus on a wide range of common cases.
  • Exercises to build team collaboration.
  • Direct application and use of the CSTAG model.
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Navigate360’s CSTAG Training Supports Successful Behavioral Threat Assessment Initiatives

  • Training blends individual and team-based learning to reinforce comprehension.
  • Level 1 training consists of individual eLearning; Level 2 training includes virtual team workshops.
  • Maximize learning retention and accountability while increasing collaboration across teams.

Build a Solid Behavioral Threat Assessment Team with Proven CSTAG Training

Discover a proven approach to effective behavioral threat assessment training. 

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