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ALICE Training ®

Active Shooter Response Training
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Developed in 2000, ALICE Training® was the first – and continues to be – the most effective response to mass shooting gun violence. During the past few decades, most lockdown policies followed passive and static response recommendations when facing extreme violence. ALICE Training® is the first training methodology to focus on proactive response, leading a paradigm shift in response protocols across the United States.

ALICE Training® represents five strategies that teach people – including children – the skills and knowledge to respond proactively but sensibly during a violent attack.

  • Alert – Your first notification of danger.
  • Lockdown – Barricade the room. Prepare to evacuate. Prepare to counter if needed.
  • Inform – Communicate the violent intruder’s location and direction in real time.
  • Counter – Noise, movement and distance to distract the shooter’s accuracy. Counter is not fighting.
  • Evacuate – When safe to do, remove yourself from the danger zone.

ALICE provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to responding to active shooters or violent intruders in schools, workplaces and in the community. The training is implemented using a blended model, e-Learning combined with hands-on training, to ensure learning retention as well as application of the ALICE strategies.

ALICE Instructor Certification Training
ALICE Instructor Certification 2-day course is designed to educate local, state and Federal law enforcement and employees who are driven to make their organizations safer through preparedness training. This ALICE Training® course teaches participants the ALICE proactive options-based strategies to increase survivability during the gap between when a violent incident begins, and the law enforcement arrives.

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ALICE Prepares Your Students
ALICE Training® is age and ability appropriate. The ALICE K12 Student Curriculum has been customized to the age, cognitive, behavioral, and developmental ability level of the students. ALICE empowers students while preparing them to survive violence, in a non-threatening way.

Age and Ability Appropriate Curriculum:

Pre-K Curriculum

General understanding with guided practice + ALICE coloring book

Grades K-3 Curriculum

Uses the book, “I’m Not Scared …I’m Prepared, Because I Know About ALICE,” with the Sheep, Shepherd and Wolf metaphor

Grades 4-6 Curriculum

Introduces the “Stop and Do” approach – watch a video of the ALICE strategy + guided practice on the strategy viewed

Grades 7-12 Curriculum

Stop and Do approach + critical thinking drills

Special Considerations

Customizable social stories, ALICE power cards, Design Guide and an e-Learning module for staff

I was very impressed with the program and even learned a few ideas I hadn’t considered before! Very well done and I’m glad that our school system is ready to adopt this kind of system for protecting our kids!
Samantha Ruebel


From its beginning as a small school security training company, ALICE Training® has been dedicated to promoting proactive strategies to improve the chances of survival during an active shooter event.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of individuals in schools, law enforcement, workplaces and places of worship have been trained in ALICE active shooter response tactics. ALICE Training® goes beyond lockdown methods by providing individuals with a new set of skills that will greatly increase their odds of survival during an active shooter situation.

Navigate360 meets the modern users where they are by offering ALICE Training® in many options – blended learning, instructor training, e-learning and more.

Shots in the Shopping Mall

On February 16, 2019 in Mendon, Massachusetts, a woman was visiting with her husband who is in the military. They went to dinner as a family at a local mall with their children when shots were fired. There was immediate chaos with large quantities of people distancing themselves from the danger. The woman, a teacher, had recently been ALICE trained and she knew she had to decide what she was going to do. She and her family were able to safely evacuate the mall. There were no fatalities in this incident.

Teacher Safely Disarms Students

At North Scott Junior High on August 31, 2018, a heroic teacher was calm and collected when a seventh grader displayed a handgun during class. The situation was handled quickly, and the teacher was able to calmly counter and disarm the student. The rest of the Junior High locked down until the site was secured. The gunman was taken into custody. The staff practices ALICE training to prepare for these situations. Thankfully, it paid off and no one was harmed in this incident.

A Dispute Between Two Dads Led to Lockdown

When a threat is presented, it is time to spring into action. Which is exactly what happened at an elementary school in the Anchorage School District on October 3, 2018. A man was dropping off his girlfriend’s daughter at school when her biological father showed up. Once the girl was in school, the father figures had a disagreement in the parking lot. The boyfriend shot and injured the father. When the shots were fired, the school took instant ALICE measures. According to the superintendent, “They said something sounds like a gunshot. The secretary immediately hit a safety button which set this all into motion which was our ALICE drill.” The school practices ALICE drills twice every school year. The running of these drills makes the students and staff more confident. Dr. Bishop also said, “It empowers our students and our teachers to be safe,” Bishop said. “It helps them make the best decisions possible. I want to let you know that the best decisions were made that day at Denali Montessori.” We are glad that none of the staff and students were hurt or targeted, and that they knew what to do as soon as they heard gunshots.

I recently attended the ALICE Instructor Course in Pittsburgh. In my 23 years of experience I have not found a program I feel this passionately about. It is great to save lives of children and respond to the terror in society today.
Richard Griffith

South Park Township Police

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