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Keep Staff & Students Safe, Supported and Thriving

Use proactive threat detection and prevention solutions to address concerning behaviors, and provide support to those in crisis.
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Your students’ future has never been more uncertain. Children must navigate a variety of new pressures with less support than ever before. In a fast-paced digital world how do you stay ahead of harmful intentions? Are you leveraging technology and training to work as an extra defense against harm in your schools?

See How Our Full Suite of Preventive Safety Solutions Keeps Students & Staff Protected

Create a Culture of Safety

Building a culture of safety empowers you to more quickly and frequently identify those in need of help, ensuring that your students’ current uncertainties do not become future tragedies. Our suite of threat detection and prevention tools are proactive solutions that help you:

  • Anonymously source reports of concern from your community
  • Aggregate intel from additional digital sources, such as email and social media
  • Analyze, screen, manage, and collaborate with threat assessment teams

Your Complete Guide to Effective Threat Detection & Prevention

Uncertainty, isolation and a variety of additional social stressors are resulting in increased depression and anxiety for the students in your care.

This guide explains how proactive prevention processes become your foundation for building a culture of safety. It also outlines what to consider and who to involve when building your program Explore the full guide. 

Proactive Threat Detection & Prevention Solutions for Schools

Build the foundation for a safer school culture with proven reporting and scanning technology, threat assessment case management, and comprehensive training.

Empower Staff & Students to Safely Report Suspicious or Concerning Behaviors

P3 Campus helps thousands of schools collect valuable, life-saving information from their communities. This trusted technology has been used as a part of multiple statewide school safety initiatives, and is the most widely-adopted anonymous reporting solution on the market.

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Take a Proactive Stance on Digital Safety

Detect provides schools a multi-layered approach to digital safety and enables staff to identify, assess and address students’ overall wellbeing and intervene earlier on the pathway to harm with web, district-owned source and social media scanning.

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Detect By Navigate360

Evaluate, Collaborate & Manage Behavioral Threat Assessment Cases

Navigate360 Behavioral Threat Assessment Case Manager allows threat assessment teams to standardize their processes with proven technology. The system supports both CSTAG and NTAC models. It also allows schools to screen students for suicide risk with the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), then intervene and manage student support.

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Improve the Efficacy of Prevention with Comprehensive Training

Our threat assessment training programs improve the effectiveness of your prevention programs. A variety of training options are available.

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Build your culture of school safety with proactive threat detection & prevention solutions.

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